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Research Process and Terminology Essay

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Research Process and Terminology Paper Essay Sample
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Without possessing the correct knowledge it could be quite difficult to determine whether or not an offense is a criminal case. When an individual has knowledge of the terminologies that concern criminal justice, an individual can understand data acquired in criminal justice studies. Mary Maloney never meant to kill her husband. I want all of you to put yourselves in the shoes of my client. People of the jury, I want you to feel her happiness as she watched her husband walk through the doors of the house.

Feel her sadness as he told her he was leaving her and their kid. It is unfortunate to see that the number of computer crimes is increasing and has been considerably swelling during the last few decades. However, computer and information technology provide many benefits for everyone. Although, they have sometimes used to annoy or harm people. This trend has caused several social issues as public property, unauthorized using password of someone, stealing a billion dollar from bank or The government should really try and make education free so that more opportunities can be created by students who want to further their studies.

Tertiary education should be free for all. Tertiary education is the educational level following the completion of a school providing a secondary education. The governance of higher education has undergone rapid global changes in the past few years. Nowadays, numerous criminal cases have been easily solved with the help of forensic science.

SARA is an effective problem-solving model used by the police to identify and solve the problems within a community. Law enforcers and crime analysts use this model to study the issues that are created from the everyday environment and also to make improvements in the problem-oriented policing.

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In fact, the process focuses on testing feelings or concepts. In addition, any new information done without proof or support of the careful examination will not let others look over the study and process the outcome White, New Terminology and how it applies to a career in Criminal Justice Replication is the recurrence of controlled procedures or investigations using the same methods Hagan, Replication can be used in the career of the criminal justice system by aiding in the DNA process to prove if a person is innocent or guilty of a crime that he or she was been convicted of.

In fact, by using the replication process many times will allow the analysis to get the correct results White, Verification is proof or exact findings or accomplishments of great certitude in conclusions through extra observation Hagan, Verification by law enforcement officers checking and double checking that he or she has the correct information obtained before turning in his or her reports for example, traffic violations White, Pure basic research is concerned with the acquisition of new data for the sake of science or the development of the field Hagan, Scientist in the criminal justice field retrieving new information can aid him or her in any developments that science needs to improve on from prior data White, Applied research is practical research concerned with explaining the policy problems Hagan, In applied research it helps law enforcement figure out why the old policies are not working and what can be done to improve the policies compared to the past policies White, Crime analysis is the systematic, analytic methods directed at supplying useful information related to illegal patterns Ibid, nd.

Crime analysis in the criminal justice field can aid in the career of scientists because he or she uses examinations, violation representations, violation programs, arrest records, law enforcements calls as well as additional means to show applicable data Wilson, In fact, crime analysis in criminal justice careers uses identification guides, violation prognosis, target profile analysis, requirements of investigative leads, and requirements to aid data to neighborhood policing and crime prevention programs.

Intelligences agencies in the criminal justice system as a career for example, the narcotics division can aid in bringing down individuals dealing in narcotics. Individuals who are assigned to this specific area in law enforcement can gain important information from confidential informants if any to help in bringing down the individual or individuals involved in narcotics for example, marijuana, crack cocaine, and heroin.

Statistics as a career in the criminal justice field can help scientists organize, collect, and interpret the information needed to for cases for example, by summarizing the information instead of doing each of the experiments separately and easier to gather the information then put it into a summary White, How not knowing the correct vocabulary changes as Dena conducts research in criminal justice.

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Research Process and Terminology Paper Within the criminal justice system one of the most important aspects of criminal justice research would be the terminology .

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Free Essay: Research Process and Terminology Paper Research has many faces that can represent many forms of information gathering. The information can be. Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper: Glossary of Research Terms. The purpose of this guide is to provide advice on how to develop and organize a research paper in the social sciences. Purpose of Guide; but formulates questions throughout the research process.