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❶Work-life human resource bundles and perceived organizational performance. Institutional theory provided the theoretical underpinning for such a relationship.

The data was collected using questionnaire from female academicians. Sample size for the present study is 40 female academicians. Statistical tools like factor analysis, percentage and correlation were used. This paper finds out the causes and coping strategies of stress due to work life imbalance among female academicians. Thus the working women use some strategies for cope up with stress like meditation, time management, spending time with family and friends, extra-curricular activities.

Are people who spend more time with others always happier than those who spend less time in social activities? Across four studies with more than , participants, we show that social time has declining marginal utility for subjective Across four studies with more than , participants, we show that social time has declining marginal utility for subjective well-being. We discuss implications for theory, research methodology, and practice.

This chapter deals with work-life balance as a relatively new concept, imposed by new work realities in the Western post-industrial world and relevant especially although not exclusively to it. It has become important thanks to new It has become important thanks to new angles shed on the labour market by a globalized and technologized society, with an increasing number of women joining the workforce and accessing higher levels of management, and thus modifying the established work relationships.

Moreover, the world of work has become more unified towards a Western style organizational culture, with a stringent need to prove allegiance to the company by long and irregular work hours and by a relentless commitment to job-related duties.

Out-of-work time for both genders has become more-work-time, as round the clock alertness for job-oriented tasks has become the norm nowadays.

HRM is a specialized functional area of business that attempts to develop programmes, policies and activities to promote the job satisfaction of both individual and organizational needs, goals and objectives.

Job satisfaction is the end Job satisfaction is the end feeling of a person after performing a task in each and every organization in the world. Objectives of the study are identifying the employee's job satisfaction level of Rehoboth Motors and impact factors. This study is used the census method using questionnaire in Tirunelveli Branch of Rehoboth Motors Company. Weighted Average Method found that, employees were satisfied and identified various factors impacting on job satisfaction level as well as suggested to improve the welfare facilities.

Hopefully believe that the Management can further bring out their labour with full satisfaction and obtain good result in the future. PRaca zawodowa a funkcjonowanie rodziny - analizy i refleksje.

Creemos que este recurso reporta importantes ganancias en capacidad comprensiva, a la vez que devuelve una voz al sujeto social: Munka csalad etnicitas socio hu. Historically the responsibility of women should be of cooking, cleaning, raising children etc. These folks were witnessed in the form of caregiver as well as home keeper and were refused their right of entry outside home. Women nowadays have created their symbol in each and every sphere.

Be it literature, arts, politics, sports, Corporate or any other sphere, women are getting ready to take up challenges. In this scenario, emotional intelligence plays a major in work life balance of women professionals. A small amount of stress can be useful tool for motivating, but excessive creates problem both professionally and personally. So people should be emotionally balanced and they should aware of how to manage the situations well emotionally.

The purpose of this study is to find out the positive association between emotional intelligence and work life balance of women professionals. Researcher has diverted to study this with the help of secondary data. The research study found that employees with high EI have got a higher overall work life balance compared to employees with low EI V.

In modern world women have shouldered equal responsibilities with men for the welfare of the family in various ways. But today's women are working in various areas and they are also a part of the bread-winner to their family.

Women's life is a mixture of various roles, Most of the women are doing the best to balance their work, family and service. The study highlights the various factors and challenges which have an effect on the professional and personal lives of 45 female teachers working at KLE SNC.

This paper highlights the various personal and professional factors which affects the work-life balance of women employees.

Whatever is provided in the name of Work-Life Balance may not meet the requirements of the employees in the hospitality industry with different demographic backgrounds. Through this study, an attempt has been made to recognize different personal motive and its priority with respect to Work-Life Balance amongst employees belonging to different demographic profiles.

This would guide to development and improvement of the overall presentation of the employees within the organization. This change in the work place forces the hospitality industries to make an effort and know what measures they should adopted in order to understand the different personality of different people who are working together in the same organization for the same objective.

With shortage of professionals and economy, the pressures on the existing employees look set to rise and therefore this is an area which needs to be revisited with a view of adopting best practices throughout the sector. Whilst this is a challenge for work-life balance, it also offers opportunities for all kinds of creative work patterns. With just a little will and imagination these can be designed to meet the needs of employees as well as of the business.

Doherty explains that long working hours under stressful conditions is the daily routine in Indian Hospitality Industry. However this situation has risen confront and stressed on the need for the progress of work life balance for the hospitality industry.

Another author Hudson argued that the want and reason for work life varies from person to person. A small of people want a balance between work and responsibilities of children, while others may want time for themselves so that they can relax themselves after doing a lot of hard work for so much long time. In the recent Indian scenario as experienced by hospitality employees, the ageing employee population also expressed a need for work-life balance, so as to maintain their financial needs and become independent.

These employees belong to generation X who gives preference to the balance between work and family lives. Journal of Vocational Behavior , 72 , Work-life practices increase attachment, loyalty, and commitment to the organization. This study examines two competing theoretical explanations for why work-life policies such as dependent care assistance and flexible schedules influence organizational attachment.

The self-interest utility model posits that work-life policies influence organizational attachment because employee use of these policies facilitates attachment. The signaling model posits that these policies facilitate attachment indirectly through perceived organizational support.

Regression analyses explored both models using a sample of full-time employees. Results supported both the signaling model and the self-interest utility model. Impact of family-supportive work variables on work-family conflict and strain: Journal of Applied Psychology , 80 , 6— Family-oriented policies create more perceived control that lowers stress and increases job satisfaction.

The authors examined the direct and indirect effects of organizational policies and practices that are supportive of family responsibilities on work—family conflict and psychological, physical, and behavioral measures of strain.

Survey data were gathered at 45 acute-care facilities from health professionals who had children aged 16 years or younger at home. Supportive practices, especially flexible scheduling and supportive supervisors, had direct positive effects on employee perceptions of control over work and family matters. Control perceptions, in turn, were associated with lower levels of work—family conflict, job dissatisfaction, depression, somatic complaints, and blood cholesterol.

A Coming of Age: The reason has been supported by other studies—people work more hours from home than at the office, but they enjoy it more because they ha ve more control over their time. Work-life human resource bundles and perceived organizational performance.

Results from a national sample of U. In addition, there was partial support for the hypotheses that the relationship between work-family bundles and firm performance is stronger for older firms and firms employing larger proportions of women. How time-flexible work policies can reduce stress, improve health, and save money. Stress and Health , 21 3 , Paste title of study into your browser.

This report details the cost of stress, burnout, and absenteeism to organizations and how more fliexible time policies can help cut those issues and their price tags. Data from the US National Study of the Changing Workforce a nationally representative sample of working adults were used to test the hypothesis that employees with time-flexible work policies reported less stress, higher levels of commitment to their employer, and reduced costs to the organization because of fewer absences, fewer days late, and fewer missed deadlines.

Work-family conflict, policies, and the job-life satisfaction relationship: A review and directions for organizational behavior. Journal of Applied Psychology , 83 2 , The meta-analytic results show that regardless of the type of measure used bidirectional w-f conflict, work to family, family to work , a consistent negative relationship exists among all forms of w-f conflict and job-life satisfaction.

Psychosocial working conditions and the utilization of health care services. Using data from the Canadian National Population Health Survey from to , this paper examines the association between stressful working conditions, as measured by the job strain model, and the utilization of health care services.

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work hours, telecommuting, and job sharing also may encourage work-life balance, and for some organizations may help reduce costs for non-work-related absences. However, research clearly shows that regardless of what the organization promotes, direct supervisors/managers greatly influence the work-life balance of their subordi-nates.

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Doherty, L & Manfredi, S , Action research to develop work-life balance in a UK university, Women in Management Review, vol. 21, no. 3, pp. Dundas, K , Work-Life Balance: There is no ‘one /5(7).

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Abstract: Well known in the literature as work life balance, the quality relationship between paid work and unpaid responsibilities is critical for success in today’s competitive business world. The issue of work-life balance has been developed in response to demographic, economic and cultural changes. Through this research, an attempt is also been made to make out the different personal motives and its main concern among the different demographic groups which could help us in designing the Work-Life Balance policies for employees in Indian Hospitality Industries.

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Research Project Report on Impact of Work Life Balance on Motivation of Employees in IT Industry Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of MBA Submitted by Varun Krishna 11/PMB/ CERTIFICATE FROM THE SUPERVISOR This is to certify that the project titled Impact of Work Life Balance on Motivation of Employees in IT Industry has been done under my supervision by Sukriti Singh, Shaily . Work life balance What are the benefits and barriers associated with the achievement of a work – life balance for employees and employers? This essay explores the importance of the achievement of a work - life balance and the issues which can be faced when .