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Don't ride off the coattails of other authors and just make your characters the opposite of theirs and throw them into some half-tail plot and call it a day. Apr 26, Miranda rated it liked it. View all 4 comments. Nov 24, Faye rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: So, at the first part of the book, I begun to get bored because I thought that my judgment that this book would rock, seemed to be wrong what with all the sad story of the pathetic girl who had her heart broken by her best friend turned jock who happened to be dating the pretty and popular but bitchy girl in their school.

I liked the book not because Robert was hot with his mercury-colored eyes or not because he seems so understanding not at all. Hahaha , but because it shows a strong heroine, Grace who seems to belittle and criticize herself at the first chapters of the book, she was the motherless girl who will have a new stepmother because her dad wants to marry his girlfriend who is pregnant with her brother, everyone in their school calls her freak because of her surviving the accident that killed her mom, adding the fact that her only friend, Graham the one she confessed her love to , happened to be not-a-very-good-friend because he babbled things about her in her back to the bitchy girl he was dating.

In those tough times, Robert entered the picture and he did seem like the angel he was because he brought Grace to see herself on a different, much-more-confident perspective. I also liked, no love, the book because it has constant twists that were difficult to guess, like when Robert had his wings, when Sam tried to lull Grace and when Grace found out who Robert really is what kind of angel he is. View all 6 comments. Sep 14, Rachel rated it it was amazing. Grace Shelley is an outcast.

Having lost her mother to a car crash as a child, one she managed to escape without a single scratch, made her an oddity to her peers and neighbors. Graham who is handsome and popular and who would defend her against their cruelty.

Right before the beginning of senior year. That is until she meets Robert. Robert is immediately drawn to Grace. He notices something in her that no one else has before. Something that allows her to let down her defenses not only with him but with her family and with a new friend.

Something no one else has ever been able to do. Robert is an angel. While his friendship is all that is saving Grace, his beauty not only begets jealousy but also danger.

Befriending an angel may be more than Grace ever bargained for. And falling in love with one could cost her her life. Falling from Grace was simply wonderful. A suggested read by Amazon due to the genre of books typically purchased, it was such a surprise to find a self-published book that hit all the notes, and then some, of the fully vetted and marketed novels being published.

And the author has created a friendship, and more, between her two main characters that is tender and heartwarming and devastating and heartbreaking. This angel-themed story has definitely creative and distinct ideas and a storyline that is intelligent and magical.

While Falling from Grace and the next books in the series, Bird Song and Black Halo, are not short in length, they are all very quick reads with each book getting just a little bit darker and more tragic as the story of Grace and Robert continues, culminating in Black Halo with an absolutely heart-rending scene.

So this story line was ALL over the place. It was a giant cargo plane stuffed with fireworks that crashed into an oil tanker. You can imagine right? I mean, it was in almost every chapter! This book needs a developmental editor stat!

Like three days in. Cue the petty eye roll:: Boy meets girl, boy likes girl. Then they make up, wash, rinse, repeat. Oops, sorry, did I spoil it for you? It all seemed a bit thrown together with no real direction, no focus. This story could have been fantastic if an experienced editor was employed to take out the massive fluff in this book.

Definitely not reading anymore in this series. And in some places it felt like it was going in that direction. But then some random piece of info would get thrown in, complete with a long drawn out explanation, and by the time I realized there was no resolution I was done with the book.

I felt like I was Jedi mind tricked! Aug 08, Grace Yoshinaga rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I hate young adult novels. I hate them with a passion. But a friend whose reading tastes I trust, and whose likes and dislikes run parallel to mine, suggested that I read this book. She lent it to me on my nook without telling me that this was a book in the young adult genre.

The intro is a snippet from a poem by EAP, one of the greatest poets and short story writers in America's history, and I became intrigued. I was done with the book before I realized what I had read, and the realization that I I hate young adult novels. I was done with the book before I realized what I had read, and the realization that I had just completed a young adult novel without once having a headache or needing to read some Dumas in order to clear away the brain sludge that usually appears after attempting to read one of those ridiculous Twi-whatever books that are out there was astounding.

The story was intriguing, the characters so incredibly lifelike that I became smitten with the protagonist and dangerously obsessed with every decision she made and every person she encountered. The fact that she and I share the same name is inconsequential; the last young adult book I was tricked into reading featuring a character named Grace put me off so badly, I refused to finish the book. Again I say I hate young adult novels.

But I've already purchased this book for myself as well as downloaded the sequel and reread both several times. If it can turn me, it can turn anyone. Jan 31, Kiki rated it it was amazing Shelves: Grace and Robert is such a beautiful couple! Robert--what a breathtaking angel he is. Naeole's lyrical prose will leave you wanting more, and thank goodness for that, as Bird Song and Black Halo are already out. I do not think I could contain the excitement as I get ready to plunge into book two of the Grace series.

Naeole's unique and captivating twist on angels and everything in-between is refreshing and innovative. Trust me, I have read many angel series before this one, and all I Grace and Robert is such a beautiful couple!

Definitely has the "WOW" factor! I love the fact that Grace is your typical teenage girl - not the clumsy awkward introvert but not the unattainable "most popular girl in school" either. I actually thought, huh - this could be my lil year-old sister. Having said that, a relatable character such as Grace makes the story more vivid and real. Definitely attaches the reader to the MC.

And the love triangle - aah! I was so heartbroken for Grace at the beginning and throughout. Graham and Robert - both hot, sexy and oh so handsome!

Get to it and you'll know what I mean. For all you angel lovers - this is a definite must read! May 02, Tamis rated it it was amazing. Primero tengo que agradecerle a la persona que me lo recomendo ella ya sabe quien es [July] xD Fue un libro genial.

Desde que lo empeze mi primer sentimiento fue enojo, como podia Graham hacer lo que hizo, como pudo lastimar a Grace de esa manera, se merece unos cuantos latigasos!! Pero lo que realmente me gusto de este libro fue que experimentas muchas emociones con el, la autora logra que realmente te metas en los personajes, en lo personal no podia dejar de leer me hipnotizo el libro y no me arrepiento.

View all 16 comments. This was an excellent read. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the book I think that perhaps it could be cut down some. It was descriptive to the point of the reader almost getting a bit bored. In the same breath I loved the story line and the characters they are all people I wish I had in my life. I am continuing with the series because I must know what happens next. If you are a fan of books about angels check this one out.

It is a goodie. Aug 15, Kylie rated it it was ok Shelves: I thought this book was a complete waste of time. It is mainly a book of sappy dialogue and no actual plot. I bought the book for mere entertainment and it failed at even that. No, I will not be continuing the series. Apr 20, Kara rated it really liked it. It is intensely both of these things. Not that melodrama and sap are necessarily bad things… just be warned. I think it is pretty obvious from these reviews that there is not much middle ground on this book.

You are either going to become addicted or allergic to its digital pages fairly quickly. My mother is so proud. Now, I must admit there are many glaring flaws about this book. But somehow, instead of finding them annoying and distracting, I found them endearing. I think it has to do with the characters; the main character Grace in particular.

The characters of a book are perhaps the most important part for me. I want to read about people, not potatoes. I could tell Grace was a wonderful character from the first page. She is overflowing with personality, she is offbeat and quirky — clearly not your average heroine these days.

Now for the negative: I can see the possibility of abandoning this series. The book definitely has problems. Right now it is hanging on to such a high rating mainly by charm. This book reminds me of a great local band with quirky, endearing lyrics but the music is just not that tight yet. Nov 14, Vicky rated it really liked it Shelves: Ok I know that I've read that GR's ppl are saying that this has no similarities to the much beloved Twilight series but Ok it's like the author took many aspects of that series and put a different spin on it and for some moments took other annoyin aspects of Twilight like Bella's inabiliy to defend herself and her ability to annoy u were her inability to not be able to escape the hot bf's charms.

Also she made the friend a friend and quickly settled that triangle at least for this b Ok I know that I've read that GR's ppl are saying that this has no similarities to the much beloved Twilight series but Also she made the friend a friend and quickly settled that triangle at least for this book. Ok on with the review, 5 stars because our heroine hope spelled that right is so down to earth and strong not in the physical sense and clever that she becomes enduring even tho her drawback is her self depreciating aspect which appears on every other page.

Our hot hero is likeable even more because he was quite flawed; he depended on her and opened himself to all the pitfalls to love. The supporting characters are lovable in that they mix well and don't overpower with too much useless info. OOO one more important feature and comparison to Twilight; you know how we are all waiting for the release of Midnight Sun which depicts the first book in the series from the point of view of Edward.

Well in Falling From Grace we get a two fold treat; one knowing exactly the feelings and views from our girl Grace but we get a very believable transition to our hero's perspective of the same events through his eyes. It seems like lately Angels are the IT in books right now. For a while I wanted to read Falling From Grace and I was fortunate enough to get a copy from the author herself. I was really excited to start reading this book after reading all the great reviews on it.

Well, I can tell you right now that I was not let down. From the very beginning Grace's life starts on a crazy roller coaster ride. It was so easy to put myself in her shoes and feel her pain. I felt It seems like lately Angels are the IT in books right now.

I felt so bad for Grace. It was almost like everything in her life was meant to go sour. Then when she meets Robert, everything changes. Nothing really matters to her anymore. Being called a freak, no one really talking to her, She just stopped caring. Even losing her best friend since childhood didn't really matter. Robert became a really good friend to her and immediately took her into his world. He tells her all of his secrets and would constantly make her feel special.

Of course they fall in love with each other and their relationship is constantly challenged, but in the end the way they feel for each other over came everything else. I thought this was a great story and that the author did a good job at explaining everything. One minute I was confused and the next it all made sense.

Everything was also described really well and was so easy to picture in my head. Now I definitely have to buy the second book in the series because I am dying to know where Robert and Grace took their relationship. I recommend this book and give it Five Stars.

I'll start by saying that this is one of the best books I've ever read. It's beautifully written, everything is described really well and I often found myself in Grace's shoes. I love how at the beginning of the book Grace's life is described, it really sucked me in, knowing so much about her in just a few pages, making me want to read more.

The characters are really well built, and I love how Grace became stronger, more trusting in her own beauty and intelligence. One of the characters I liked th I'll start by saying that this is one of the best books I've ever read. One of the characters I liked the most is Lark. She appears cold and cruel on the outside, but she has a softer side as well, which is revealed later in the book.

Everything is described so WELL. It's sometimes sad how she can suffer so much, but still be the nice, loving Grace. This is not a book only about the love between two teenagers, it's also a book about a girl who has lost almost everything valuable to her, who was the school's freak and clown, but slowly regained her balance,with Robert's help, showing that life can be beautiful. I can review it with 3 words: If you haven't read this book yet, I suggest you go buy it or borrow it, you shall not regret it.

Nov 29, Robin added it. I was really excited to read this book. I'd been waiting for it anxiously. I'd heard so many good reviews. Well, I kept reading it, certain that eventually I would be captivated, pulled in to the novel and wouldn't be able to put it down. I never felt that. Instead, I read stream of conscious after stream of concsious. Yes, Grace is different, yes, her life is hard, but really, the real reason Robert was so drawn to her?

I still don't understand it. Also, there wasn't enou I was really excited to read this book. Also, there wasn't enough mystery in the beginning-he's healing and talking to her openly, smitten on first sight.

No exciting, should I be having feelings for this person, just bad for day and boom, he's her new best friend making everything better. I can usually put religion aside when reading a book and enjoy the fantasy, but I was really turned off by the whole "how they become angels" and "how they're born" and "angel of death" stuff.

I'm not planning to read the next 2. I don't know if it was me, or the book, but I am not a satisfied customer. Pass on this one guys. Jul 09, Vicki rated it did not like it. Too boring to get into I'll have to pick it back up at a later date. And I use the word "finished" very loosely.

I basically just skimmed through it because I couldn't flat out read it without rolling my eyes. Grace is the most self-depricating, whiny, weepy, uninteresting character that I have ever read, period. Her whole "I'm not pretty", "nobody likes me", "I'm a social pariah" thing was nauseating. I mean, how does the author expect us to like a character w Too boring to get into I mean, how does the author expect us to like a character who doesn't even like herself?

And the way she was constantly victimized in this book was ridiculous. Her constant need of saving just made her seem weak, helpless, and like a waste of space. I don't think I've ever been more irritated with a character.

I did not like her at all. I didn't like the characterization of angels in this book. I didn't like the secondary characters. I didn't like the snail pacing. I didn't like the so called "plot".

I didn't like the "romance". I didn't like this book. Oct 13, Lilinoe Kahilinaki rated it it was amazing Shelves: My mom gave me one of those visa gift cards for my birthday and I was so excited to use it to buy books for my Kindle since I love books. This one showed up as a recommended book so I bought it and the two others and I don't think I slept at all for almost a week straight reading them. It's a good thing I'm home schooled or else I'd probably be failing all my classes!

This book isn't about fallen angels but the kind that walk with us. There's a lot of mythology, some scary stuff, some awesom My mom gave me one of those visa gift cards for my birthday and I was so excited to use it to buy books for my Kindle since I love books.

There's a lot of mythology, some scary stuff, some awesome stuff, and lots of OMG. The way the writer describes how Grace is feeling is UHmazing and I don't know why anyone would think that it's not the way teenagers think or act or speak because we're not all dumb robots who use the word "like" before every adjective. Love Falling From Grace! Dec 21, Marie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love this series and downloaded the sequel immedietly after I fished this!

It's captivating, and I almost forgot to breath numerous times while holding my breath turning every page. I had no clue as to what about to happen page after page, it was so unpredictable which was refreshing. I fell in love with Robert immediatley, and I have taken a strange liking to Lark.

She had me in stiches! It's an amazing book, and I highly recommend to everyone who liks a good book. One of my gavouraite books I love this series and downloaded the sequel immedietly after I fished this!

One of my gavouraite books ever, what a brilliant read to start my year off! Jan 26, Mlpmom Book Reviewer rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was amazing! I got so involved with their characters it was hard to put the book down. I felt every emotion they felt, their joy, their heartbreak, their anger, their jealously. This book had me laughing, it had me on the edge of my seat, it had tears in my eyes, it had it all.

I can't wait to read the next in the series. Naeole has made a fan in me. Aug 15, Ceitidh rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was such a beautiful reading. Five stars are not enough compared to what you can earn by reading this book.

It's one of those few books where you can find such great amount of goodness, innocence, life lessons, personal growing and love in its most pure form. Im so glad that I still have two more Grace books to read! I highly recommend it to everyone. Jul 21, Lalola rated it it was amazing. I love this book. Consultancy project proposal under graduate. I got what I ordered. I ordered a paper on this site. To be honest, first I was quite skeptical whether it is a good idea to trust a writing service.

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ESSAY FALLING FROM GRACE In the novel Falling from Grace by Jane Godwin there are many people who are lost besides Grace. Annie is lost without her sister;5/5(1).

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The novel Falling from Grace is about a young girl who disappears at the beach. Many people feel responsible for her disappearance such as Andrew, her father; Annie, her sister; and Kip, who gets tangled into the chaos. Falling From Grace essaysSamuel Taylor Coleridge's poem "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' tells the nightmarish tale of an ancient mariner's voyage with supernatural proportions. As a person reads they find that this epic poem has a deeper, more symbolic connection with God. The.

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The novel Falling from Grace is about a young girl who disappears at the beach. Many people feel responsible for her disappearance such as Andrew, her father; Annie, her sister; and Kip, who gets tangled Into the chaos. Family members Andrew and Annie feel that It was their duty to take better care of Grace. Falling from Grace-character review Free Essays, Term Papers and book reports. Thousands of papers to select from all free.