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neil postman Essay Examples

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❶Poverty always drives him. He is humble and polite.

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A postman serves as the most important link between man and man. He is, therefore, always eagerly watched. Postman moves from door-to-door, delivering mails, in all seasons.

During extreme heat of summer and on rainy days he carries an umbrella in addition to his usual burden. But most importantly, he carries a great responsibility on his shoulder. He must not miss or lose a single paper. He remains punctual and keeps himself fit for job.

He is one of the true friends we need in our social life. Short Paragraph on Postman. It is our responsibility to take due care to make his task a bit easier. We should write the address on letter in way that is legible. This small amount of caution on our part will help the post-man to avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble while delivering the letters. Now, basic telephone has reached many houses. Courier services are fast becoming popular. He wears a khaki uniforms. In his hands, he holds a numbers of letters.

On his shoulder there is a large leather bag in which he keeps registered letters, money orders, large packets etc.

His pay is very small he has to support his family with such a meager pay. He is always seen going round his duty like a machine. He has to work very hard. He gets up early in the morning and goes to the post office. He takes letters from there, sort them according to street and mohallas and then begin to deliver them from shop to shop and home to home. He throws the letter in the shop or home and takes his way. He does not waste his time in chatting.

In the noon he returns to the post office where he deposits undelivered letters, money orders and packets. Then, again in the evening he sets out for the routine work. To perform his duties he has to cover may miles sometimes on foot or sometimes on the bike.

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The Postman Essay- The Postman Essay in English for kids of grade 1 to 3. The Postman short essay for school students.

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Short Essay on Postman Category: Blog On May 27, By Omna Roy A postman (also postal carrier, letter carrier) is a person who delivers letter and parcels at .

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This Essay is about Postman, Its appearance, dress, behavior, duties and responsibilities. Introduction: The Postman is a useful public servant. He works in the Postal department. He is a source of joy to all. Children begin to dance at his sight. The young welcome him. He brings good news for them. words short essay on The Postman. The postman is an important member of society. He is a useful public servant. He works all over the country. He can be seen in villages and metro cities. A postman moves door to door and delivers our post like letters, telegrams, parcels, money orders and gifts.

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