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Homework Help: Find spring constant of spring in N/!

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❶A common form of Hooke's law for isotropic materials, expressed in direct tensor notation, is [9].

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In order to figure out how to calculate the spring constant, we must remember what Hooke’s law says: F = – kx Now, we need to rework the equation so that we are calculating for the missing metric which is the spring constant, or k.

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Hooke's Law states that the restoring force of a spring is directly proportional to a small displacement. In equation form, we write. F = -kx. where x is the size of the displacement. The proportionality constant k is specific for each spring. The object of this virtual lab is to determine the spring constant k.

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1) Find the spring constant of a spring if it requires a N force to pull it cm from equilibrium. Answer: The formula can be rearranged to solve for the spring constant, k: In this question, a N force is pulling on a spring. A spring constant is a physical attribute of a spring. Each spring has its own spring constant. The spring constant describes the relationship between the force applied to the spring and the extension of the spring from its equilibrium state.

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Spring constant is the amount of force required to move the spring a set amount of distance. The set amount of distance is determined by your units of measurement and your spring type. The set amount of distance is determined by your units of measurement and your spring type. Apr 11,  · The force required to stretch a Hooke’s-law spring varies from 0 N to N as we stretch the spring by moving one end cm from its unstressed position. Find the force constant of the spring. Answer in units of N/m.