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The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button Essay

by F. Scott Fitzgerald

❶They had a daughter named Caroline.

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They are really bantam and delicate that a individual squeezing by a human can immediately kills it. The bird is seldom found because they do non wing in groups. To associate on the narrative. What makes it dry is the fact that hummingbirds would non perchance last in those sorts of events because they are physically weak. The bird can non wing for excessively long nor handle unsmooth air currents. But they are different in the narrative. Although he is born with a organic structure of a deceasing adult male.

Benjamin keeps on turning strong and moves frontward. Captain Mike Clark has a hummingbird tattoo on his thorax. When he was a child.

It is mentioned in the narrative where he tells Benjamin about the significance of hummingbird. The wings of a hummingbird expression really much like the symbol of infinity. Benjamin knows that he is the lone one of his sorts and Oklahoman or subsequently.

Following is the clock in New Orleans built by Monsieur Gateau. The motion of the clock has 2 symbolisms. He could non accept the world that his boy is no more to be found. The symbolism that can be related to this is the number of lightning strikes Mr Daws get; seven. This is a symbol of sin a, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. Mr Daws could most probably be in despair; regretting actions that he had done in the past. He once mentioned to Benjamin that he is blinded because of one of the lightning that struck him.

But the truth is his eyes were never blinded. This shows that Mr Daws is not saying that lightning literally strikes him 7 seven times, but he is just reminiscing about his regrets in life. It shows how much pain and regret he is in that he would not mind it if lightning would ever strike him.

Benjamin knows about the existence of this house when his father told him about it. Despite feeling hurt of being abandoned when he was a child by his own father, he brings his father to the lake. There at the lake, they do not do any talking, there is only silence as they watch the sunrise. There is a big difference between the ending of Mr Daws and Thomas Button. For Mr Daws, he leaves the world feeling regret while Thomas would surely feel his life as positively integrated because he finally gets to be with his only son, Benjamin whom he thought would never forgive him.

In my opinion, the story is very heartwarming. Not only it carries a lot of moral values, the issues depicted in it are very significant for someone to realize the importance of time management. The best moral value that I managed to get from this story is that we must be thankful for the life we have and the things we have today because all of these may never be the same tomorrow.

As a conclusion, people must know their purpose of life so that they would not waste it like how it is depicted in this story. Accessed September 14, Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Scott Fitzgerald involves the life of an individual who ages in reverse.

In the story Benjamin Button starts from birth as a shriveled old man, to his death as a seemingly newborn infant. He experiences the natural aging process backwards.

In psychology there are four levels of Psychological explanation. These include the biological, personal, basic process and socio cultural level of explanation. These four levels are evident in the story of Benjamin Button. Applying these levels can give great insight to the inner explanation of peoples actions.

The biological level demonstrates the natural processes in our body that cause the ageing process. This includes examples like hormonal imbalance and its effects. In the story Benjamin suffers because of this level of explanation. In his case he ages in a biological reverse. The biological process is said to be unstoppable1, and in the years of his life he went from an old man to a young man. However there were positives from his birth, because as his body and hormones changed, his blood started flowing faster, making him more agile and mobile for the best period of his life.

After this period, his life made a rapid decline due to the same development. The personal level demonstrates the different experiences and personalities of the person. This is to the point where it affects his decisions and actions. Benjamin was born with an old personality, and within time he began to change the way he saw himself.

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Benjamin Button Comparison Essay The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a wonderful story that is told in two different ways; through the short story and the movie. The story and the movie can be compared to each other as red is to blue. The curious case of Benjamin Button provides great insight into psychological development, but we must be careful when viewing it factually because in every essence the book is fictional. Generalizing this story on modem day society would also pose issues, because of the fact that it was published in and it is the author’s .

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a short narrative written by F. Scott Fitzgeraldon May It was subsequently adapted into a film in When directors choose to adapt a novel or short story to fit the silverscreen, they often face the arduous task of keeping the author’s original plot in tow as well as, putting forth a believable product. In the case of Scotts Fitzgerald’s short story, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.