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❶She frequently leads dissertation and thesis workshops and has extensive experience as a dissertation coach. Training and Experience For the best cleaning services, ask if the workers are trained and have enough experience to deliver the best services for you.

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Since , she has taught and mentored hundreds of students, and worked specifically with students on special research projects. Darnise has several publications including her dissertation, a co-edited volume and various articles in anthologies and encyclopedias. Darnise enjoys helping students feel excited about their work, and empowered to complete their research and writing goals.

She is inspired to support doctoral students through the critically and uniquely important dissertation process. She is committed to assisting students overcome blocks and general resistance that otherwise hinder their progress.

His research has been published in varied journals focused on psychology, substance use, and statistics. He is dedicated to effectively disseminating knowledge to wide-ranging audiences and his efforts in these areas e. Jim takes great pride in his ability to bridge the gap between quantitative methods and applied research. In doing so, he helps his clients identify and implement the best analytical solutions for rigorously evaluating research hypotheses.

He has also been known to do the impossible — make statistics fun! McGinnis earned his Ph. Harry taught applied mathematics at Florida Tech, mathematics and oceanography at Tallahassee Community College, and graduate public administration at Florida State. McGinnis has chaired over 35 doctoral committees and served as quantitative methodologist on nearly 70 committees at various universities.

He has worked with students in a wide range of academic fields. Harry is known for being a kind and supportive mentor who enjoys supporting students through the dissertation process in a step-by-step manner. Her dissertation focused on the relationship between oral narrative ability, language skills, and literacy outcomes in Armenian American English learner students in fourth through sixth grade. In this capacity, Ani provides students with structured guidance through the research process, including developing research questions, writing a literature review, developing research methodology, conducting data analysis both quantitative and qualitative , and writing up results and conclusions.

Ani truly enjoys working with graduate students and finds great satisfaction in supporting students through the research process. She is compassionate, straightforward, optimistic and passionate about helping individuals succeed in all they wish to accomplish.

She has taught at the university level for over a decade and has worked with thousands of students on research papers with topics ranging from race- and class-based analyses of academic achievement; education policy implementation; urban politics; to immigrant political integration. Rowena is a published author and an expert in sociological theoretical frameworks that focus on race, class, and gender; education; immigration; and politics; and has extensive experience in quantitative and qualitative research design and data collection.

She enjoys and derives great satisfaction from working with students to develop strong hypotheses, construct research and fieldwork methodologies and plans, and assist in the overall organization of theses and dissertations. Has held appointments as a tenured professor and department chair of Sociology and Criminal Justice as well as directed the Center for the Enhancement for Teaching and learning.

Her areas of interest include criminal justice, social inequalities, environmental justice, and social construction of difference, but she is a generalist has worked with clients from Sociology to Nursing to Technology. She is well versed in both qualitative and quantitative techniques, having published research using both types of methodologies. She has worked as a grant evaluator and co-authored large, community and direct services grants from the Department of Health and Human Services.

She has worked with undergraduate and graduate students for over 15 years. She has mentored honors thesis and graduate thesis in a wide variety of topics, helping students to complete their projects in a timely manner. Rogers understands the ups and downs of academic writing and research and knows that individuals can overcome obstacles and successfully complete their work with the right support and guidance. Kathryn Peterson holds an M. Peterson has worked with arts, humanities, and social science students for the past 16 years, teaching everything from developmental writing and reading to graduate level seminars in research.

She currently teaches at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, where she advises theses and mentors both undergraduate and graduate literature students.

Her students have won local, state and national prizes and have published in a wide variety of journals. She has written plays, short fiction, and literary criticism, with research emphases in managing writing anxiety and in the application of mythic structures to the composition of lengthy projects.

As a coach, she enjoys helping students at various stages of the writing process, particularly those who are stuck in the phases of idea development and generation. She helps students identify their writing blocks and figure out strategies to overcome them and manage the physiological aspects of writing anxiety.

Louis and Ohio State University before leaving to become a coach and journalist. In her coaching practice, she has helped dozens of clients achieve their goals and feel empowered and in control of their lives. A specialist in the relationships of music and dance, over the past fourteen years she has taught classes in musicology, dance history, and ballet.

In addition to working for five years at MUSA, the publishing branch of the American Musicological Society, she has been employed as a free-lance editor of music and scholarly texts. As a professional academic writing coach, Dr. Schwartz-Bishir has worked with more than graduate students and professors in the humanities, arts, social sciences, and sciences.

By providing her clients with methods to get unstuck and become more productive in their writing and research, she has guided them to successful outcomes in their endeavors. Her coaching involves time and project management, overcoming perfectionism and other internal negative dialogues that slow down the writing process, and motivating people to work with realistic expectations and behaviors.

She considers academic writing an enriching process from which people can grow as thinkers and as individuals. Michael began his educational research career at the University of South Florida, where his graduate training led to a full-time position at a campus research institute. After a decade of supervising and conducting research in a variety of government agencies, nonprofits, and academia, Michael launched a successful independent consulting practice, with a concentration in program evaluation.

He has taught and supervised graduate student research at Antioch University, taught evaluation at Florida State, and designed and delivered hundreds of workshops on research design, evaluation, assessment, survey development, data analysis, and reporting.

A devoted writer whose bachelors degree was in English, Michael has authored or co-authored three published books and numerous articles. Michael believes that the thesis or dissertation can be one of the most fulfilling and extraordinary journeys a person can take. He understands that for each individual, the journey will progress along its own path and often at its own pace. He is dedicated to helping each student find his or her own way toward completion of the journey. Kathy has worked as college professor for more than 20 years, and has published more than 15 peer-reviewed research papers.

As a professor, Dr. Stansbury mentored many honors, masters, and doctoral students through the completion of their research projects, and worked with fellow professors and advanced students to publish research articles. Choosing the correct statistical test to answer a research question is often a key concern for doctoral students, and this is something that is important to Dr.

Based on the needs of each client, she can provide statistical analysis services and tutorials in SPSS, and will provide annotations of output, explanations of results, and support in developing the presentation of the results in a thesis format so that the client can produce high quality methodology, results, and discussion sections. Stansbury has assisted students in many research fields including psychology, education, business, kinesiology, counseling, family studies, biology, and child development.

She also finds it gratifying to assist students in sharpening their writing and critical thinking skills, in constructing strong hypotheses, and in structuring literature reviews. However, check for the following before making a hire. Before doing any interviews, ensure the company is legit by either visiting their website and viewing their customer reviews or confirming online if the company exists.

Apart from that, their registration number should be displayed on their website. If the answer is yes, then your company is legitimate. Most post tenancy cleaning companies do not offer the guarantee of re-cleaning the property in case the clients find the final result unsatisfying. Professional companies will offer a hour guarantee of second cleaning with no additional costs. Consider calling your landlord to inspect the property just after the cleaning process.

If not satisfied, you can still request for re-cleaning. Though it may seem costly, if you have a massive security deposit, you may need the services of a post tenancy cleaning company to make sure the property is appealing to your landlord.

Besides, ensure the cost of the products and equipment will be their responsibility. Apart from that, enquire if the transportation costs and taxes will be inclusive of the final price. Before making a hire, ask if they provide various ways of payments. Always ask for an invoice after making cash payments.

DBS certificates proofs if the character of the cleaning worker is upright and has no past convictions. It is significant to ask for those certificates for each cleaner to be sure that your property is in safe hands. There are incidences where personnel vandalize or steal items especially in the absence of the property owner. For the best cleaning services, ask if the workers are trained and have enough experience to deliver the best services for you.

Most companies either send their personnel for professional courses or do in-house training. Both methods have certifications for proof. Post tenancy cleaning London requires a lot of effort and the cleaners should be adequately trained. Any person who desires to pursue doctoral studies and graduate with a doctor of philosophy PhD must be ready to submit a dissertation. It is one of the requirements for taking doctoral studies. Every statement the PhD student makes in a dissertation has to be factual and original.

It is a requirement for the statements to be supported by original work. Alternatively, one may support each statement by referencing it to published scientific literature. All the same, you have no option but to do it. Your dissertation cannot proceed without a topic. The topic you choose has to be both current and relevant. Students who put much thought into the selection of their topics often have an easier time writing qualitatively excellent dissertations.

What is more, they enjoy writing too. In short, choose your topic well and you will breeze through the writing. Check the requirements the study you are undertaking has placed on the dissertation.

Do not come up with a topic that does not respect the rules. For example, in some instances students have to choose a topic from a pre-determined list. Other times, they are allowed to come up with their own topics. Next, determine what the best type of research for you to do is. Here, your options are two. First, you could decide to do a comparison of existing literature. Your second option would be to be to undertake practical research yourself.

In the second option, you would again have to choose between field research and experimental research. Regardless of the option you take, you may need to consider whether to rely on existing data or collect some yourself. Next, limit yourself to an international research discipline.

As you proceed with this, you will realize that more information is available for some of these research disciplines. Other disciplines lack adequate information. How much work are you prepared to put in? How much time do you have for the research? These two are just a few of the questions you need answers for before deciding what to do. Issues regarding your dissertation do not begin or end with the writing. Instead, you have to look to the future too. Can your dissertation stand the test of time?

You can tell whether it will based on the kind of defense you put up for it in front of the panel. You have to be able to present, explain, and defend the ideas you put across in the dissertation. You have to lay out the reasoning behind the choices and decisions you made specifically in the areas of:. You can do all that — and more — simply by preparing.

The first step is preparation. Here, half-hearted measures will do nothing to aid your cause. Apart from that, check with your school if there are any graduate rules and deadlines that you have to adhere to. Focus on rules and deadlines relating to the scheduling of the dissertation defense. The chair of the panel kicks off the meeting.

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Dissertation Help A dissertation is quite a substantial piece of academic writing! It consists of a number of chapters and has to present the research on a certain issue.

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Dissertation coaching is a service we designed to help you successfully structure the dissertation or thesis process, create realistic work plans, increase accountability and effectively help you overcome internal and external barriers that students experience on the path to .

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Dissertation Help Comprehensive Consulting for PhD Candidates. Precision Consulting is widely considered to be the premier consulting firm for PhD candidates seeking dissertation help. Our dissertation assistance service is created to help students complete any task for the university. Thesis is one of the most significant assignments at the higher educational institutions. You need to cover a lot of ground trying to make your paper well-researched and thought-out.

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Almost half of doctoral students don't earn their degree because of what it takes to complete the dissertation. My dissertation coaching services will help you complete the process and in a shorter time. Let help you get quality dissertation content you deserve. Help with dissertation: We Understand the Significance of Custom Dissertation Content One of the most important aspects in understanding how to write a dissertation includes having original authentic content.