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Essay title: Alexander the Great
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By now the phalanxes had crossed the river in formation and had started to attack what was left of the Persian cavalry. With their entire line broken the remaining cavalry retreated and fled the battle. After the cavalry was no longer a problem Alexander ordered his men to attack the mercenaries that had remained on the rocky ledge.

This proved to be very difficult because they had stayed in formation. I give no quarter. He had only lost twenty-five companions of the Macedonian cavalry, some dozen infantry and cavalry from other divisions. The Persians on the other hand had casualties in the thousands. Issus was much like Grancius because the terrain was very similar. They both had rivers that where overflowing, rocky ledges and the Persians had taken up a defense along one side of the river. This time the Persians where far greater in numbers, and was commanded by the king himself.

When Alexander arrived at the river from the south, he quickly told his men to stop so that he would have more time to study the Persians position. In the middle of his army Darius put his Greek Mercenaries and Cardace infantry. He had positioned most of his cavalry on the right side near the water.

Other troops where placed on the heights intimidating the Greeks right wing. Alexander then seeing that the Persian advance guards appeared on the battle field arranged his troops so that he has an immense front line that ran from the seacoast to the hills. He then gave Parmenion who was commanding the right wing to stop the progress of the Persian cavalry that had started to attack.

Alexander on the other hand, with the help of the cavalry and the Agrianians, attacked the right wing of the Persian army. This drove the troops from their positions on the hills and fighting in the way of the Persian formation. The cavalry was fighting in the middle of the river.

The infantry then went along into fighting in the middle. The phalanx had a great risk of being surrounded by the Greek mercenaries after they had gone all the way through the Cardace infantry. Once both belongings sides had meet and the fighting rages on, both Alexander and Darius confronted each other on the battle field.

Some accounts tell of the two exchanged blows with a lance and Alexander. Retrieved 11, , from https: Alexander the Great By: This was the second great battle for supremacy in Asia between Alexander and Persian kings. This war occurred few years after the the battle of Granicus. The battle of Issus was not fought at Issus; it was fought on the Pinarus River on the south-eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It was between Alexander and Darius, the Persian general.

The Persians had , men whereas Alexander had only 75, But Alexander held back a reserve force for emergency situations which was a new war strategy to the world. Even though in all , soldiers were died during the battle , Persians 7 Macedonians the battle was won by Alexander and the Macedonians. Alexander failed to capture the city through conventional means as the city was an island and had walls right up to the sea. So Alexander used an innovative war strategy and blockaded and besieged Tyre for seven months.

Alexander was furious to see the resistance and the loss of life of his military personnel and he destroyed half of the city. Finally the city surrendered and Alexander gave pardon to the King and the family. This battle is also called the Battle of Arbela, resulted in a massive victory to Macedonians. Alexander engaged in different wars with the Persian kings which made him one of the greatest military leaders of all time. Terms and Conditions Privacy policy Delivery Policy. I am always satisfied with papers I get from SuperbEssay.

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When Alexander was only 13, his father appointed the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle as the tutor of the young prince. It was from that great teacher that Alexander got the vision of a wider world, a desire for knowing many subjects, and for discovering new things for sake of knowledge.

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- Alexander the Great Alexander the Great was king of the Macedonians and one of the greatest generals in history. As a student of the Greek philosopher Aristotle, Alexander was embedded with lasting interests in philosophy, politics and warfare.

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The Conquests of Alexander the Great One of the greatest and most successful generals in all of history was Alexander the Great. He was a brilliant, patient and . Keywords: essay on alexander the great With the courage of a tiger and the ferocity of a Lion, Alexander III swept through Eastern Europe and Asia. Alexander the Great as he would be called was believed to be a descendant of the God's!

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Alexander the Great essay By deeds, it is incredibly hard to compare Alexander the Great with any of the great generals in the history of humanity. Indeed, Alexander the Great’s conquests have had a strong influence on all the subsequent generations, and his generalship became a classic for people dedicated to the military affairs. Alexander the great was one of the intelligent, tough and determined leaders in the world history. Alexander the great was born in the beautiful castle in Macedonia, a country located in the Northern Greece in B.C.