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Community Development

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❶Another example on a larger scale can be seen in recent petrol strikes and convoys, while it generated a lot of attention at the time the long-term effects appear non-existent.

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In some instances adults may work together, and quite commonly all community members will share the same doctors, dentists, hospitals, health visitors and other public services and facilities. Frequently however, issues arise amongst a community that need attention. In this essay I will outline and discuss some of these issues and the interventions, projects or programmes designed and used to tackle and combat them.

If it is perceived by government bodies that a community has sunk so low that is unable to be resolved by using alternative methods, some of which will be discussed later in this essay , the government will intervene with methods deemed necessary. Initially a profile of a community will be drawn up using research methods, surveys and statistics that will highlight the issues faced by the community.

Then a plan to tackle these issues will be decided upon and put into action. During there were a total of children referred to social services 98 of which were aged years old. With regard to education, of the children attending the infant and primary schools in the area Of the primary schools in Cornwall the two schools ranked 1s and 4th in the deprivation rank. Along with these figures strong evidence shows high levels of violence, high levels of riotism, high levels of drug abuse and a complete absence of community facilities.

As with all Social Planning the government specifies a time limit to achieve the projects aims, goals and ultimately to improve living conditions. Although the project was initiated by the government agencies the problems were identified by government agencies, police and the Treneere residents and Community Association the project has tried to look at the problems and the aims from the point of view of the residents. The delivery of the projects intentions will com from local representatives, voluntary organisations, church representatives, health care providers, social services, education officials, the police, the district council and housing association, the probation service and the youth service most importantly the input of the community itself.

In this way it is anticipated that the project will have an almost immediate impact on the lives of some of the local residents, as well as the longer term benefits anticipated from early intervention and support for very young children. Active Citizenship is an essential part of community development initiatives, creating committees, voluntary and charitable organisations, discussing problems, needs and ideas with neighbours, joining local councils and going to public meetings encourages empowerment and enables community members to have an active role in the conditions and factors which affect their lives individually and collectively as a community.

Initially the government can provide some funding to help with start-up of community initiatives and programmes, after that is up to the community to provide their own funding which can be raised in a number of ways, fundraising events, charities and voluntary organisations. The main emphasis of this model is on self-help, mutual support, helping each other , building neighbourhood integration, developing the communities capacity to problem solve and represent themselves and promoting action as a collective increasing the attention of political decision makers.

Community Development is concerned with Social and Economic development. A study by Bristol University found that a population of 6, were living in 1, homes and men were unemployed.

The Penwerris electrel ward showed that compared to the electrel wards in the South West the Beacon had the highest rate of poor households, the highest rate of childr. The place was a virtual no go area for the police. Social services cutbacks meant there was no hands-on help for people. The number of child protection referrals just kept increasing.

More and more people were suffering from mental health problems, there was lots of domestic violence and lots of crime and harassment. What happened next were a series of events instigated by a handful of residents, 2 health visitors, local teachers, police and housing officers who saw something needed to be done: A meeting was held between Hazel Stutley, Philip Trenoweth, Health Visitors , local police, education officials and representatives from Carrick Council.

Coffee mornings were set up and attended by council officials and police to encourage enemies to confront each other in a civilised manner and sort out their differences. The Beacon Community Regeneration Partnership was set up, a multi-agency group fronted by residents on the estate. As a result of the efforts of tenants and with the assistance and encouragement of health Visitors, Police, School Teachers, Council Members and some government funding, the estate has been transformed into a thriving community.

Houses and low-rise blocks have been renovated changing the estates appearance from of dark depression to a bright and cheerful sight. Energy conservation measures have been carried out on homes, of which are now centrally heated. Vandalism has been dramatically reduced with the installation of increased security street lighting. A neighbourhood watch scheme is in force with continued and regular liaison with the police.

An empty shop has been converted into Beacon Energy Action Office, offering advice and displaying job vacancies, the office doubles up as a neighbourhood meeting room. Another shop has been converted into Beacon Care where residents over 65 can receive health checks, there are sessions for physiotherapy and advice on contraception and breast-feeding.

The intention of social action is to generate power and the winner will inevitably be the side with most power. Increasing Productivity of the Community. As a community development worker, an individual is charged with the role of ensuring that the overall productivity of the community is increased. In my opinion, this would entail empowering all members of the community to contribute positively towards attaining various goals and objectives of the community, for example, increasing food production, ensuring high levels of security within the society as well as providing socio-economic and financial support to members of the community.

Increasing productivity of the community would also ensure ultimate success of the society as a whole.

The community development worker should also act as facilitator who is responsible for encouraging and sponsoring self-help within the community. Responding to Enquiries from the Community. As a community development worker, an individual is responsible for responding to various enquiries or questions raised by members of the community in relation to community development and other aspects of the community Bourdieu The community development worker would also disseminate and circulate information that he or she deems important for communal development.

Active Participation in Activities of the Community. In my opinion, as a community development worker, a person must ensure that he or she actively participates in various activities organized by the community, for example, development projects, cultural activities and peace building initiatives. Accordingly, the members of the community would thus view the community development workers as one of their own.

This would also help in building strong relationship and ties with members of that particular community. Watchdog for Human Rights. Community development workers may also act as activists who right for human rights. In my view, community development workers should ensure that the government or any other party does not violate the rights of the citizens.

At the same time, they should also promote public awareness on various issues and policies adopted by the federal government and local authorities that may have adverse implications on the wellbeing of members of the society, for example, adoption of new laws governing public health, drug use or gun control strategies of the government.

In conclusion, I would urge that it is important for community development workers to have adequate knowledge about the communities they intend to serve. For example, he or she must have a comprehensive knowledge about the cultural activities, traditional values, beliefs and practices of that particular society.

Moreover, he or she must have adequate knowledge about the socio-economic situation of the community. Finally yet importantly, a community worker should be to learn from the community, have unquestionable levels of integrity, discipline and accountability.

He or she must also possess various leadership and interpersonal skills that would enable him or her work harmoniously with members of the community. Working as community developer poses many challenges that a person must know how to effectively handle or deal with.

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Free Essay: A written proposal outlining a project based on community development principles to assess and address health inequalities within a particular.

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Introduction: In this assignment I am going to explore the core theme of Community Development. In doing so, I will come to understand various theories and concepts, relevant legislation and policy, underpinning values, principles and ethics, and practice application with all regards to community.

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This chapter starts with the definition of community development, general concepts of community development and explores the community development framework. It also discusses community development in Belfast, Northern Ireland and links it to the basis of the study, which is the perception of residents on community development in Belfast. CONCLUSION In this essay the purpose of community development based on critical theory approach, functionalism approach and symbolic interactionism approach were outlined. In critical theory we learned that the primary goal and philosophy of the approach is to understand and help overcome the social structure through hi h the are do i ated a d.

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A Community can be defined as a group of people who don't just live in the same area, but also share the same interests, experiences and often concerns about the area in which they live. Often when individuals have lived in a street or area for a while they become familiar with each other and the /5(17). Community Development Essay Community development is a structured intervention that gives communities greater control over the conditions that affect their lives. This does not solve all the problems faced by a local community, but it does build up confidence to tackle such problems as effectively as any local action can.