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Cross Cultural Experience Essay: Is It Just About Languages?

Cross cultural issues examples

❶This experience has taught me a valuable lesson especially when dealing with people from other cultures.

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Cross culture experience
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There were many different patterns of speech and practices coming from the different people I worked with but soon enough I was able to make friends and become adept at communicating with them which proved to be the doorway to other cultures because it enabled me to reach out to other people from other countries and cultures who had come to work here as well.

Given my open-minded nature and keen interest in learning more about other cultures, I soon found myself in the company of Indian, Chinese and American friend from different cultures and religions. This experience has taught me a valuable lesson especially when dealing with people from other cultures. There is no barrier so difficult to overcome that patience and understanding cannot hurdle. There are no unacceptable cultures and beliefs only intolerant people.

My experiences during my brief stint in that culturally diverse workplace have shown that there is so much more in life that can be learned when one learns to open himself or herself up to other people and their cultures. The world does not revolve around a single race or a single country, it is composed of a rich tapestry of similarities and contrasts and that is what makes the experience so beautiful.

The key therefore lies in being able to act locally yet think globally, as my experience has shown. Accessed September 14, We will write a custom essay sample on Cross-cultural experience specifically for you.

Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. The experience shattered many unfounded notions and catalyzed a rethinking of my basic beliefs on culture and differences between societies. I held firmly to a few fundamental guiding principals that I have formed throughout my life:. Be passionate about learning from and understanding other cultures: Be tireless, objective, open and fresh in your pursuit of cultural knowledge.

Through experiences at Huapi, this principle evolved my thinking about indigenous societies and all cross-cultual interaction. Stay flexible, the unexpected is around the corner: Dealing in other cultures continuously presents new challenges. At Huapi, I delivered calf, herded cattle, slept inches from a flea-infested dirt floor, ate marginally, helped with chores beginning at 6 a.

Without flexibility I would not have lasted one day. Always maintain your sense of humor: Humor is a common and shared human characteristic with the potential for forming strong bonds across cultures. At Huapi, I spent some of the finest hours laughing with my family at our differences, cultural mishaps and misunderstandings.

Most importantly, have fun: Learning about other cultures is among the most educational, enriching and rewarding experiences possible. Cross-cultural interaction represents an opportunity to learn more about yourself, the history of nations, societies and humankind, the differences and common values across cultures and the social forces that have created the world today.

I learned that historical, geographic and physical environments have essentially shaped modern societies and the differences between people and cultures. They are extremely intelligent in their own environments and by their own standards i. I also learned that cultural understanding and compromise is never a zero-sum game. All cultures have their benefits and problems. While Western societies may enjoy benefits such as better medical care and longer life spans, we lack in other areas, such as social support from families and communal relationships.

Regardless of the level of development, all cultures and societies have lessons to teach — and to learn. Finally, I learned that people invariably enter any cross-cultural encounter full of preconceived ideas, values and perspectives that have been established through their own personal experiences and isolated social environments. Cross-cultural interactions will become frustrating, one-sided and ineffectual without questioning your own beliefs, battling past assumptions, considering new perspectives and becoming open to that which is foreign.

A creek is no place for shoes. I think its unreasonable to ask children to keep their shoes on in […]. Essay submitted by Daniel Anorga Cook Isolating a single cross-cultural experience is an interesting challenge in itself. I held firmly to a few fundamental guiding principals that I have formed throughout my life: These principles helped me learn valuable life lessons through my journey to the south of Chile.

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The world is fast becoming a borderless place. Cultures, races, beliefs and ideologies are blend together and interact because of the growing advances in communications.

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Essay on Cross-cultural Experiences - Importance of Cross-cultural Experiences Question Answered: Present the ways in which cross-cultural experiences strengthen a continuous development of the world environment. The world has come a remarkably long way in the past century or so in its development. In the political arena, there is a world torn.

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Mar 24,  · Greetings! You've written a very interesting essay! Here are some editing tips for you: While staying in Vancouver, I faced cultural differences on occasion, which sometimes were too huge from my home culture to overcome them. (relatively, compared to my home culture) the norms of Confucianism--a fundamental basis of Korean culture--it took me some time to accept homosexual . Harvard Business School Essay on Cross Cultural Experiences. Essay submitted by Daniel Anorga Cook. Isolating a single cross-cultural experience is an interesting challenge in itself. I have been raised by my native Peruvian mother, with a family spread across many countries, including Argentina, Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden.