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Outline of our book editing service
We are a service for writers that:

As each author is unique, it is vitally important to first determine what your individual needs are through a professional editing sample and editorial critique.

This will include specific recommendations regarding which editing level fits your project. As an author, you are often just too close to your work to clearly see what needs to be done to take your book from good to great.

Get a Free Sample. Hire your professional book editor today! We transform writers into authors! Book editing is YOUR secret weapon to success. Manuscript editing services Professional book editors read and examine your every single word. Professional book editing services WILL perfect your writing Book editing often encompasses basic copy editing spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. In her free time, Meg learns and performs classical piano. Aster graduated in computer engineering, but later chose to build a career doing what she had always wanted: From recipe books to scientific studies, Aster has edited a wide range of non-fiction manuscripts.

She enjoys helping writers frame compelling and well-structured arguments, bringing out their expertise on the topic.

Off work, Aster loves exploring music of every kind, from jazz to EDM. Professional editing, feedback, proofreading, and formatting. Your work will be expertly edited to refine the clarity, sentence structure, diction, flow, coherence, and consistency, always respecting your particular style.

If you write fiction, you will get detailed, constructive, and thoughtful feedback addressing literary elements such as the characterisation, plot structure, point of view, and dialogue, among others. If you are a non-fiction writer, you will get objective feedback on the arguments, organisation, tone, and more. Further, your draft will be meticulously proofread to remove all the language errors and inconsistencies in the grammar, spelling, and punctuation, among others.

We will also make sure the formatting is perfect. You get all these services for a single, all-inclusive fee! Our editors are highly qualified in English literature and are trained to understand your unique voice, writing style, and message. We have worked with hundreds of manuscripts in every fiction and non-fiction genre and form, including literary fiction, poetry, romance, science fiction, thriller, memoir, DIY, self-help, and others. Further, all our editors are native speakers of English.

We greatly value the effort you have put into your writing, and our editors are passionate about transforming your draft into a powerful book that is ready to publish. We understand your subject matter, genre, and audience. Our editors are language and literature experts who specialise in a diverse range of fiction and non-fiction genres and book forms.

Your work will be edited and constructively critiqued with a clear understanding of its subject matter, form, genre, and intended audience. Affordable and always available to you. In case you work with tight deadlines, our editing and proofreading services are available to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Free revision of your edited document. In the rare event that you are not completely satisfied with your edited document, we will promptly revise the document according to your requirements, for free!

Your editor will also answer questions about your edited document or recheck previously edited text, for no extra charge. With our strict confidentiality policy, you will retain full copyright control and credit for your edited work. To ensure your data remains confidential and secure, we use bit SSL encryption technology for transferring and encrypting information. PaperTrue will never collect or share your information, and your documents will never be stored without your permission.

What Our Customers Are Saying. Over customers have rated PaperTrue 4. Every customer gets a verified invite to post a review, ensuring the ratings are authentic. This is the first book I have written and had been searching for a company to proofread my manuscript. I wanted to ensure it went into the right hands. And I have no regrets choosing PaperTrue. The work was completed within the stated time frame and the notes were very clear and constructive.

I would most certainly recommend them as a trusted, friendly and reliable company to work with. Richard was my first point of contact from the useful pop-up chat on their user-friendly website. He answered all the questions I had and was very professional.

I received my manuscript back from Rebecca from the editing team. Her comments were very professional and helpful in adding the necessary tweaks to improve my manuscript effectively. Thanks to Papertrue I am well and truly on my way to publishing my first book and would come back again should I write a second.

I was totally amazed at how good they were. It definitely showed all the areas where I had many errors that myself did not notice. Posted feedback is unedited although authors may ask to not have their names posted. Book Editing and Proofreading Services A Second Set of Eyes The freelance editors and proofreaders listed with Book Editing Associates can provide you with a competent and professional second set of eyes.

It is a proven fact that it is impossible to proof your own work; you tend to overlook mistakes of all sizes. Your mind subconsciously fills in what it thinks should be there, and your conscious appraisal is none the wiser.

But you can be sure that a literary agent or acquisitions editor will be aware of your oversights, and most self-publishing companies print as-is. Editing is an important part of the writing process that agents and acquisitions editors expect to be done, and done well. After you submit your sample, one or more of our editors will realistically assess your writing. Whether you need only proofreading, a light copy edit, or a heavier developmental edit, or could benefit from formal writing instruction—or various options in between—they will tell you kindly and up front.

You will also be quoted a fair, flat fee for the service s recommended. The choice of service is ultimately yours. The editors and proofreaders will not pressure you into a higher level of service than you need or desire. Whatever level of service you contract, you will receive two files: This allows you to view all editorial changes. You also have the option of connecting with an editor who works off of hard copy. Three editors contacted me within 24 hours.

They were each straightforward about the types of service they could provide. It was easy to find their profiles to sort through their professional writing and editing experience. I was impressed with each of their profiles in terms of breath of experience, writing skills, and professional involvement in the publishing world.

It took me two long days of intense deliberation to choose one over the other. What a blessing to be offered multiple exceptional choices! Thanks to whomever runs the business, and thanks for hiring Val. The frightening process of handing my first book over to someone to edit was made much less daunting by finding your network to use, and then by being lucky enough to work with Marlo. After careful consideration, I chose an editor that most closely related to what I wanted to achieve.

I can honestly say that his work was both professional and timely. After having used other editorial services, those offered by Book Editing Associates was what I hoped all the others had been. I will use them again. But I know from experience on both sides of the fence that network members are always the best. We hired a copyeditor for these books through the network, and she is outstanding. I got responses from two editors within the day and was able to chose the one who fit my needs best.

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Professional book editing services can turn a good book into a great one. BookBaby Book Editing offers affordable manuscript editing from professional book editors.

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Book Editing Services for Authors Book editing is our most popular service for authors. It is designed for those who have completed their manuscript and require a professional editor to improve their writing and boost its chances of publishing success.

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Professional book editing services for self-published writers. Looking to have your book professionally edited before you self-publish by a book editor? Ebook Launch offers book editing services for indie authors.

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Our book editing services help you create the book you’ve been striving for. Work with an editor with the best combination of skills and experience for you. Professional Book Editing and Proofreading Services Professional Book Editing and Proofreading Services | A Second Set of Eyes. The editors listed with Book Editing Associates can provide you with a competent and professional second set of eyes. It is a proven fact that it is impossible to proof your own work; you tend to overlook mistakes .