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Teacher Evaluation - Essay Example

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❶One can trace this flurry of activity to a variety of reports and initiatives that highlight two failings of past efforts:

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Hence, this is the best way to evaluate a teacher. Though the students evaluate the teacher, but this method also has-some problems, and the assessment by the students cannot be final.

Such as some inflectional students, or a group of students may favour teacher for different interests. Besides, a qualified teacher cannot be judged by the students who have no knowledge of the deep subjects.

In all the methods for the evaluation of a teacher, self-evaluation is the best evaluation. A teacher, if sincere to the profession, can judge himself with the help of his result of the students.

It is best method as a teacher should be able to improve in the due course of time. Besides, it has another advantage, that nobody will be blamed for the assessment of the teacher if found incapable. Though there are different methods to evaluate a teacher but a wide evaluation is desirable. It mostly applies different methods to judge the teacher like his qualification, attitude towards the students etc.

An overall assessment of the teacher, mainly to maintain diary, lesson preparation etc. The work evaluation in place of the work examination is now being increasingly used in current educational literature. The evaluation process is not restricted to the result of tests and examinations, scales and inventories and such other gadgets as employed by the teacher but it has a wider meaning.

It includes the learner's own estimate also. In traditional examinations, the emphasis is on the cognitive. Evaluation is concerned with all the changes that lake place in the development of a balanced personality.

It measures the quality of the head, the hand and the heart. Evaluation takes into account the development or changes in 7 R's, i. Evaluation is undertaken to find out how a child is learning and how learning can be improved rather than what he has learnt.

The primary purpose of evaluation should not be limited to declaring children "Pass" or "Fail" but to identify the strengths and weaknesses and making good of deficiencies and making improvements.

Achievement in attitudes and values which include cultural, ethical, moral, physical and social. In the words of Clara M.

Brown, "Evaluation is essential in the never ending cycle of formulating goals, measuring progress towards them and determining the new goals which emerge as a result of new warning. Providing a periodic check that will direct along definite lines on the continued improvement of the programme of the school. Giving everyone working with pupils the information that is necessary to provide guidance and counsel for boys and girls. Securing help in validating the function and the goal that the school strives to attain in determining the programme upon which the school operates.

Providing a sound basis for good public relation to secure an understanding on the part of a community of the school and its effectiveness such an evaluation will meet many of the criticism of the school expressed by the parents, tax-payers and others because they do not know what the school is attempting to be.

Providing a sense of security to members of the school staff, to pupils and to their parents, so that they have tangible evidence that the programme they arc operating is an effective one. Involved evaluation must take into consideration th difference in intelligence stage and rate of maturity and make proper allowance for these. Preserve Articles is home of thousands of articles published and preserved by users like you.

Here you can publish your research papers, essays, letters, stories, poetries, biographies, notes, reviews, advises and allied information with a single vision to liberate knowledge. Before preserving your articles on this site, please read the following pages: In traditional examinations, the emphasis is on the cognitive knowledge of subjects aspect only where as evaluation includes non-cognitive attitudes and values aspects also.

Students everywhere have sat there, in either boring lectures where they would have rather slept or would have rather been at home, or have sat through lectures that always had those students engaged and wanting to learn. The question to ask ourselves is what makes a good teacher, and what makes a bad teacher? What does a great teacher have, that a terrible teacher does not?

There are many components that come together to make good and bad teachers. Being a good or bad teacher depends on quite a bit. Well, a good teacher has qualities that keep students engaged. They are fun, nice and have great personalities. Those teachers want to be in the classroom teaching.

They do not care if they have any bad seeds in the class. All that good teachers care about is what they do and why they are doing it. A terrible teacher bores the students in his or her classroom. But there are three qualities that really separate good teachers from bad teachers. It really all depends upon the teachers tone, lesson plans, and availability. Without these three qualities, there really would be no good teachers or bad teachers.

A make or break quality for a teacher is their tone. The tone is a very important thing while teaching, it is a must have for any teacher. If a teacher speaks with a low or monotone voice, students will get bored easily.

A monotone voice is almost like listening to white noise, it is dull and puts people to sleep. That is probably the worst feeling for a student. Students become inattentive and that eventually leads to their failure in that class. A good teacher will speak with an energetic voice that will make the students feel like they want to listen to whatever the teacher is teaching about. Speaking in an energetic and upbeat tone will show the students how passionate that teacher really is, about what he or she does.

If a teacher speaks in monotone voice, they obviously do not care much for the profession they are in. If a teacher is truly passionate about his or her job, then they will speak in a tone that will keep students alive, meaning awake. Speaking with a loud, energetic tone will make students want to listen. Students will match interests with the teacher and students will want to stay involved within the class, instead of being forced to be involved.

A teacher has to make a great effort to stand in front of a classroom full of students and make it fun for not only the teacher themselves, but to make it fun for the student as well. That is why a teachers tone is very crucial. Teachers need to remember to keep a loud and energetic demeanor, instead of a low and boring one.

Lesson plans are another critical area, in which teachers must be aware of. What is so fun about having a boring lesson plans? A teaching method should be creative and fun for students. Many students dislike lectures because lectures are dull, and there is nothing exciting about a mundane lesson. There is nothing exciting about a teacher talking the entire class period. Teaching methods should include visuals. For example, if a teacher is teaching a kindergarten class how to count.

The teacher should bring in blocks.

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Learn how the application essay ideas and kind of teacher who attended the teacher administrator,. Basic and interpretive essay of effective evaluation of reflection can teacher evaluation. Jul 15, student evaluation sheet has created by talented teachers.

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The Teacher Evaluation System was developed in order to provide a fast, but accurate calculation of rating in the evaluation of teachers which saves time. A Teacher Classroom Performance Evaluation system is a system that can aid the manual processing of evaluation for teacher’s performance. Other essays, plan the way for many teachers; new directions: 1 traits preschool teacher essay legalization of progress – essay, review writing. Culture events essays for common component of corrections academic teacher evaluation systems or a better.

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Teacher Evaluation - Essay Example. Comments (0) Add to wishlist Delete from wishlist. Summary. I interviewed a man who had been a principle of a middle school since 8 years and had plenty of experience in evaluating teachers and his sub ordinates. The name of the principle and the school's name would not be disclosed due to privacy. My Criteria for Evaluation of Teachers Type of paper: Essays Subject: Personal Words: The profession of a teacher has been one of the most important and responsible ones in the history of mankind. A lot is changing in course of Essays, words.