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Romeo and Juliet

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❶High school students are often given open-ended discussion questions for Romeo and Juliet to help them move through this literary work and ensure that they get the meaning. Playing with him is lots of fun.

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As much as Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story, it is also a play about hate. The bloody feud between the Capulets and the Montagues is the backdrop for all of the action in the play and it is the catalyst for the tragic suicides of the two lovers. One may idealize the purity of love between Romeo and Juliet, but we must pay as much attention to the hate and anger which fuel the story.

Love and hate are equally tragic each in their own way. Heads of two houses at variance with each other. Minor Characters relations to both houses; Maskers Guards and Attendants. Locked in a long-standing feud, one that is fought by the nobles of the two families as well as their servants, they have engaged in a series of bloody public battles.

In response, the ruler of Verona, Prince Escalus, is forced to intercede and declare that if any member of either family is caught fighting in the future they will be put to death. Thus the feud is ostensibly put on hold. The Capulets, it turns out, throw a masquerade ball each year.

Obviously they do not invite the Montagues. Juliet, daughter of Capulet and Lady Capulet, is 13 and will soon be of marriage age. It is the hope of her parents that she will fall in love with Paris, a wealthy kinsman of Escalus, at the ball. As it happens, three of the Capulets, sixteen year-old Romeo, his cousin Benvolio, and their friend Mercutio sneak into the ball.

Romeo has his sights on Rosaline although she has taken a vow of chastity and is unavailable. As soon as Romeo lays eyes on Juliet he falls in love with her, and Juliet falls in love with him at first sight.

They soon find out, to their dismay, that they are from rival families. As Juliet emerges from the window and tells the night sky about her love for Romeo, he emerges from hiding and they admit their love to each other. The same day, Benvolio and Mercutio are waiting for Romeo on the street. It is here that Tybalt confronts them and demands the presence of Romeo for a duel to punish him for invading the ball.

As Mercutio stalls Tybalt with an eloquent but vague speech, Romeo arrives on the scene. After a period of verbal sparring between Romeo and Tybalt, Mercutio draws his sword to attack Tybalt. Romeo intervenes but Tybalt wounds Mercutio.

Tybalt flees the scene only to return after to find that Mercutio has died. Angry over the death of Mercutio, Romeo engages Tybalt and kills him. He decides to flee from the inevitable consequences from Escalus. Later, Escalus arrives, and upon learning the details of the murder, he banishes Romeo from Verona for life. Juliet is heartbroken after finding out about all of this and sends her nurse to give her ring to Romeo. Later that night, Romeo returns to Juliet. He climbs into her room and their marriage is consummated.

As morning approaches, Romeo is forced to leave. He departs for Mantua to await news of Juliet and his banishment. While Juliet and Romeo spend their night consummating their marriage, Lord Capulet sets about making sure she marries Paris.

When Lord and Lady Capulet tell Juliet of their plans for her, she refuses. This sends he father into a rage. Juliet visits Friar Lawrence shortly after this and the two of them hatch a scheme designed to reunite her with Romeo. Friar Laurence is to give her a potion which will make her appear dead for two days.

During this time, Romeo will come to the Capulet family vault to meet her. Friar Lawrence makes arrangements to alert Romeo of the plan. Following the plan, on the day she and Paris are to be married, Juliet drinks the potion. She is found later by her nurse who alerts everyone that she is dead.

The family is in mourning over her apparent suicide. So as to expedite the scheme Friar Laurence explains that she should be put in the family vault as soon as possible. Friar Laurence is unfortunately unable to deliver a letter to Romeo in time to let him in on the scheme.

Upon his return form Mantua he hears that Juliet is dead. In his grief, he rushes back to Verona. On the way he obtains a poison for the purpose of taking his own life. He also writes a suicide note explaining all the tragic events which led him to kill himself. In the meantime, Friar Laurence finds out that Romeo did not receive the letter.

He rushes to the tomb to intercede on behalf of the grief-stricken lover. As Romeo approaches the Capulet tomb he discovers Paris guarding the vault and mourning the death of his beloved, Juliet, who he believes is truly dead.

Paris challenges Romeo and Romeo kills him. He drinks his poison, gives her a last kiss, and he dies. However, you are drawing a complete blank as you find every topic worth discussing seems to have already been covered in some way or another.

Looking for help with research paper or dissertation? More Ideas High school paper topic A manual on topic selection An overview of paper elements Completing a college research project Outlining a paper on global health Academic paper outline tips Citing interviews for a project Sample research paper outlines Bank ratio analysis APA research paper samples Example chemistry projects Selecting a proper writing service In quest of a project writer. Shakespeare used the character of Friar Laurence for a number of dramatic purposes in the tragedy.

Discuss how the accelerated time scheme in Romeo and Juliet helps with the development of the tragedy? Is the idea that love of this magnitude could happen so quickly a plausible concept? What purpose does this have? Has this notion of marriage changed in recent times? Do you agree with arranged marriages? Why or why not? Which events in the first act seem most important in setting up conflicts in the plot? Which events seem to suggest a possible theme? What is so special about the love story?

Consider the length of the relationship between Romeo and Juliet. Can they have perfect love together? Discuss the dramatic purposes of Frair Laurence in Romeo and Juliet. What great irony has Juliet just begun to grasp about love and hate in Act 1 Scene 5? You must use three quotes to support your answer. What words would you use to describe the meeting of Romeo and Juliet?

What factors caused the tragic end in Romeo and Juliet? Is Romeo and Juliet not a story about true love, but rather, a warning to all teenagers about acting impulsively? What makes Act 1 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet dramatically effective? Is love at first sight possible according to Romeo and Juliet? How is irony explained in Romeo and Juliet?

Did Romeo and Juliet blame fate for all of the mifortune they experience? How does Shakespeare use tone and irony for impact on Marxian Heroism in the play? How does Baz Luhrmann use film techniques to present the conflict within Romeo and Juliet? What are types of love shared between Romeo and Juliet? What are the valuable lessons in the play Romeo and Juliet? Is timing in Romeo and Juliet important and what effect does it have? What are the positive and negative characters in Romeo and Juliet?

Are Romeo and Juliet not accurate examples of modern day teenagers? Should Romeo and Juliet be taught in highschool? Compare racial and political issues in Romeo and Juliet to today. Compare the family and the individual in Romeo and Juliet. Compare and contrast Romeo and Juliet with Hamlet and Ophelia. How is commitment presented in Romeo and Juliet and how do the poems Valentine, A Woman to Her Lover, and Sonnet 43 compare and contrast to this portrayal?

How does Shakespeare use Romeo and Juliet to demonstrate the danger of obsession? How does he contrast it with real love? Compare the Romeo and Juliet play and the movie version.

Compare the Romeo and Juliet play with the movie version directed by Baz Luhrmann. Do the two works really carry the same message? Compare the meaning of love in current times with love in Elizabethean times using Romeo and Juliet. Compare the love Romeo has for Rosaline to the love he has for Juliet. Examine carefully the similarities and differences between the two young men who love Juliet. Compare and contrast the two central characters in the play.

How do the characters of Romeo and Juliet develop throughout the entire play?

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The play Romeo and Juliet will become a wonderful topic for your essay. Browse through the list of essay topics for Romeo and Juliet and select the one which you can develop in the format of your essay.

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This clever quote from Romeo and Juliet sums up the drama in Romeo and Juliet’s relationship. But if you’re struggling to find a topic for your Romeo and Juliet essay, you might feel the following quote sums up your own struggles: “For never was a story of more woe than this student trying to. Romeo and Juliet: Essay Topics 1) Discuss the character of Romeo and his infatuation with Rosaline. Does this weaken the credibility of the love he feels for Juliet?

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Romeo and Juliet is perhaps the most famous romantic play ever written in English literature. The play focuses on the love story of two lovers who eventually. List Of 10 Interesting Research Paper Topics On Romeo And Juliet So, you’ve just finished reading Romeo and Juliet and have been given to write a research paper on any topic you want.