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Define Excellent Customer Service

Common customer service interview questions and answers

❶Examples might include successfully tracking down an order lost in Beijing, handing coffee and warm cookies to hotel guests on a bitter cold day, or studying on your own time to gain product knowledge to better respond to customer questions when taking orders. By revisiting important areas, you give them the best chance to reveal their character and skill to you.

Make your customer service interviews more than just question and answer sessions

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A customer service job applicant who demonstrates this fundamental understanding of what is customer service will get the serious attention of a potential employer. In your interview clearly express your knowledge of what needs to be done to provide excellent customer service and highlight your customer service skills.

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Before your interview, do a little research on the organization and its attitude towards customer service. Read recent news stories about the organization, and follow the company on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., to find out what the company presents to the world.

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If you are applying for a customer service position, you should be prepared for the hiring manager to ask you how you would define excellent customer service. This question is used to separate employees who are genuinely passionate about the position from everybody else. Dec 06,  · How to Answer the ‘Define Excellent Customer Service’ Interview Question. Talk About Exceeding Expectations: Customer service is all about meeting and exceeding the expectations of the customer. The expectations could be different for each type of business- but the principle is the same/5(2).

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Answering a customer service interview question should start with a definition of exceptional customer service. Also describe important qualities of a dedicated customer service representative such as genuine warmth, attentiveness, helpfulness and efficiency at every point of customer contact. Your response like sample job interview answers for customer service should emphasize patience, active listening, calm courtesy, and a plan for meeting the needs of the customer. I actively listen to the customer’s complaints, asking questions to make sure that I understand what they are unhappy about.