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Capital Punishment

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❶However, please note that this is just one example out of many possible answers. Band 7 essay about increasing tax on fast foods 0.

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Death Penalty
Capital Punishment

However, I believe that group work and group study are more beneficial. Working at workplace opens the door for creativity and expands the knowledge of organisation traits. It is clearly visible that a majority of successful people in life are profoundly preferred working in a team. Moreover, combined studies and teacher interaction courses are also useful. Combined studies smoothens the lives of student for better understanding of the subjects , to easily clear-off the doubts and to provoke thoughts, eventually help to secure higher grades.

To conclude, for the aforementioned reasons, I personally believe that group activities are more beneficial than automated computer learning to lead successfully their job or studies. JSP Sunday, January 06, at If the question ask to 'discuss both views and give your opinion', then can I write my conclusion like below:. To conclude, for the aforementioned reasons I believe that the advantages of technology are out weighted by the disadvantages. Your results are absolutely extraordinary!

You really gives hope to non-native people struggling to achieve similar results. Pls let us know how did u achieve such a great score! Dilshi Fernando Thursday, June 27, at It is an obvious fact that capital punishment is highly controversial issue arounf the globe to this era. Some people argue that the national government should enforce the death penalty to make the righteous society, whilst others deem that it should be banned in our society. As for me the latter assertion proves to be more convincing.

To begin with, death penalty can prevent the increasing crime rate. Many people deem that if the government implements the stricter law, the offender might fear the death penalty to commit similar offence. By enforcing this law, people can feel that crime is not tolerated. Moreover, since there is only limited imprisonment, the citizen does not cost a lot of money.

Therefore, the criminal would deter commiting offences. Looking at the issue from a different religious point of view, capital punishment is an definitely immoral act. According to the bible, there is only one creator and God himself has the only supereme right to take a person's life.

Even the most righteous members of the justice league has an accurate decision on a person. It can infringe upon human right. It is also an indubitable fact that capital pinishment ought to be opposed. This is due to the fact that peope who are needy can become the victim of this penalty. A lot of innocent poeple would be wrongly convicted and executed by this law.

Because of that, death penalty is not a good deterrent and even East Asia countries: In a nutshell, death penalty may be effective to prevent any capital offence; however, I still would strongly claim that death penalty has to be revoked.

As a matter of fact, in the present day world, many countries still abolish this penalty and we must give a chance for sinner to plead forgiveness like our almighty God has done to us. Kiwon Friday, June 05, at I will be happy if you check my essay. People have different views about whether or not official authorities should invest more funds on schooling rather than on leisure and competitive games.

While I agree that education is the main tool for a success of a nation, the benefits of sport and recreation should not be neglected. I must acknowledge that there are several opportunities which have been created by sports and recreation.

They help to attract record numbers of tourists and raise the tourism profile of the country. For example, during Baku 1st European Games many tourist visited Azerbaijan to see fascinating opening and closing ceremonies of games. From my point of view, spending money on sports and leisure can not only make a healthy community, but also bring income or revenue for a country. Apart from sport and recreation, governments, to me, must also subsidize education.

Literacy is the main necessity of the life. Firstly, education has enriched in understanding of people and it created civilized society as compared to past barbaric community.

For instance, today well-educated people are more aware of social evils such as, drugs and alcohol. Moreover, investment in education system is one of the best way in order to improve a country's economy in the long-term. Take an example, South Korea and Finland invested a large proportion of their budget on education and this gained benefits in the form of high - tech companies such as Samsung or Nokia, respectively.

I suppose education has changed not only the capacity of a person but also it has altered the whole world. In conclusion, although there are many beneficial aspects of sports and recreation , governments should spend subsidize on education as it plays a key role in improvement of society. Narmin Wednesday, August 26, at Without capital punishment the death penalty our lives are less secure and crimes of violence increase.

Capital punishment is essential to control violence in society. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Write at least words. Many people believe that death penalties are necessary to keep law and order under control in our society.

While there are some drawbacks of capital punishment, I agree with the view that without capital punishment we will become more vulnerable to violence. The death penalty could be an uncivilised law in some cases. You need to describe the segments and their values. If there are very many then Just describe the ones that are the most significant.

The values are often expressed in percentages but not always so be careful what scale you are using. Tables for The IELTS Academic Task 1 Writing These can sometimes be tricky as they provide a lot of information and it is often awkward and difficult to describe every piece of information.

You therefore should try and describe the trend in it. If there are many lines in the graph s , then Just generally describe the trend. If there is only one or two, then use more detail. So, describe the movement of the line s of the graph giving numerical detail at the important points of the line. To describe the movement, there is some language which will always be useful. Below is a list of language you can use.

As you will see, there are a number of words which are similar in meaning. This means that you will be able to use a variety of vocabulary which gives a good impression to the examiner who will read and mark your writing. The words below are particularly useful for line graphs but they can also be used where appropriate to describe the other types of graph.

This is not your own work and therefore will be disregarded by the examiner and deducted from the word count. If you are weak at English grammar, try to use short sentences. This allows you to control the grammar and the meaning of your writing much more easily and contributes to a better cohesion and coherence mark. If you have time, a quick check of your verbs at the end of the exam can help you find errors.

For describing graphs you will probably need past tenses whereas, for describing a process, you will probably need the present simple. Think about the verbs while practising and then it will become easier when you do the exam. Check what you have done. If you have time after the check, check again. Although you can use your imagination to expand on your answer, if any part of your report is totally unrelated to the question ccount and deduct it from the word count.

You wont get better sitting and doing nothing. It could make all the difference between your getting the band that you need, and getting half a band less than you need and having to wait 3 months to do the exam again. Some of them also include Academic and General Training questions. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this. Why or why not? Use reasons and examples in your answer. Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer. Other people trade products or goods for what they need.

Compare the advantages of these two ways of obtaining things. Which way do you prefer? How would you use this land?

Use specific details to explain your answer. Others prefer using machines. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. You want to persuade someone to study your native language. What reasons would you give? Support your answer with specific details. You have been asked to suggest improvements to a park that you have visited. This might be a city park, a regional park, or a national park.

What improvements would you make? Use specific reasons and examples to support your recommendations. Portugal was the first European country to end this kind of penalty. Since the 19th century, tolerance and respect for life important values. Moreover, we can affirm that remains under the same codes. Maybe because of a religious view point, the respect for life is a typical value in the Old Catholic world.

Those who are in favor of capital punishment mostly live in developing countries. However, this is not just an image of the Third World countries. Actually, the USA is one country where this kind of punishment has its rates of application. The state of Texas, in particular, is at the top, supporting this measure against crime, especially those involving serial killers and crimes against children. In a society dominated by fear and government control, it is foreseen that this penalty will continue.

Maybe this is not a simple question. As we can see there are several values here and of course cultural behavior.

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Capital Punishment Essays: Student's IELTS Essays on the topics of the death penalty.

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Essay Answer: Capital punishment existed in the ancient time and still, it is used in many countries to punish the heinous criminals for the sake of restoring the law and order in the society. This essay examines whether the capital punishment is effective in keeping the societies safe from crimes.

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Spending lots of time searching for IELTS info? Subscribe to IELTS-Blog and save 30 minutes a day by getting recent exam questions, practice tests and preparation tips delivered to your email, free. Without capital punishment (the death penalty) our lives are less secure and crimes of violence. Some to a capital punishment and some may require a small penalty. The law-making institutions are responsible to bring the bad man to the right level of punishment that he deserves. The law-making institutions are responsible to bring the bad man to the right level of punishment that he deserves.

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Topic. Without capital punishment (the death penalty) our lives are less secure and crimes of violence increase. Capital punishment is essential to control violence in society. Band 9 essay sample (death penalty) Many people believe that death penalty is necessary to keep security system efficient in the society. While there are some negative aspects of capital punishment, I agree with the view that without it we will become more vulnerable to violence. Death penalty can be considered unsuitable punishment for several reasons.