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❶Pro-democracy activists and partisans in countries such as the former Yugoslavia, Iran and others have been afforded an opportunity to engage with others back in their home country through the BBC.

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The British intelligence in the past has used BBC reporters as spies or conduits of information. Nevertheless, this was discouraged, as it could compromise the perceived independence of the BBC. This independence is the most important asset of the BBC and it has seen its audience grow, even when it faces stiff competition across the globe. This security check up was strictly enforced during the cold war. The BBC during this period was openly biased against the communist bloc. It served the British foreign policy by broadcasting propaganda in its affiliation stations that were established to broadcast to Easter Europe that was dominated by the Soviet Union.

The BBC by highlighting the problems in these countries served tthe British foreign policy of showing these countries in a bad light. This was meant to contrast with democracy and high standard of living that supposedly existed in the West. The BBC opinion shaping abilities has proved invaluable in foreign policy.

It said the BBC, on the advice of the British government, blew out the proportion of the threat from Iraq to convince the British people and the world that war or invasion was the only option to deal with the threat. After the invasion, the threat turned out to be less than what the public had been led to believe. This resulted in heavy criticism from the Hutton inquiry that was denied by the BBC. Due to the importance of BBC to foreign policy, there is close interaction between the head or director of the corporation and the government of the day.

Issues that can impact negatively on British foreign policy are discussed before decisions are made. Though the government cannot expressly dictate on the broadcast or any other material, the consultation affords the government the benefit of being forewarned and, thus, steps to counter the damage can be implemented.

It is a fact that the British government pays close attention to BBC news, especially foreign broadcast. In some cases, pressure is brought in the name of national security to preclude anything that would be too damaging to the British foreign interest.

Through development participation in such activities as health, there is the creation of goodwill towards Britain, which is one of the goals of foreign policy.

Finally, BBC influence on foreign policy derives from its impact on the psyche of the public. Through concentration on particular foreign stories, it galvanizes the public attention and concern and the government has no alternative but to implement what the public wants in its foreign policy. Conclusion In conclusion, the media plays a key role in all the stages of foreign formulation of policy as foreign policy decision-making process takes place in an environment, partly influenced by the mass media.

Indeed, political players consider the media to be a key input, when making decision that have internal as well as external effect. From this discussion, it is clear that the media plays an important role in the formulation of foreign policy.

It is true that political players take much interest in the information that comes from the media as a good starting point in making decisions. However, although past studies ignored the value of the media, considering it as a channel of providing information, the reality of the past few years shows that this view minimizes the actual value of the media in formulating foreign policy.

The BBC has been used as a vital tool for surveillance of international environment, correlation of different parts of the society in order to respond positively to the changing environment, and a tool for the transmission of social heritage. Though the BBC may be perceived to be politically endowed, most of the foreign policies are prompted by the media.

The BBC is also useful as an entertainment and mobilization of individuals across the society. The family of the children thinks that the man is good and their children are in good hands. They also think that there is nothing to fear when…. Research can be defined as a process of collecting information about a specific topic for a purpose. The importance of research in Health and Social Care is very high. Research can take days, months or even years. Its aim is not only to identify in depth information but as well to find out the amount….

People around the world have got to witness many historical events such as, the first man to walk on the moon, to even the inauguration of our first African American president. Although there were many great moments in history viewed on television, not…. Because of this importance, some people or institutions tend to register a specific URL name corresponding to a certain entity. Working on the premise that the desire to explore is part of human character, Bush said that his dream is to build space vehicles….

Many private research organisations specialise in building up databases of people who are known to have interest in certain products and services. There are many market research agencies where lists may be purchased by businesses that wish to target these customers via direct mail.

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