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What are five different current events that relate to Animal Farm?

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Links to newspapers in the USA and Worldwide. Access daily and weekly U. A well-known quote from Animal Farm is "All animals are equal" but "some animals are more equal than others.

Many people, involved with ISIS appear to have been indoctrinated the sheep are indoctrinated and chant without any understanding and propaganda is a significant weapon for ISIS in its recruitment, much like Squealer's skill in propaganda.

North Korea is controlled via its state policies. Human rights are guaranteed in North Korea but the problem is the subjective definition of human rights and the fact that the protection of the State supersedes all else.

When the animals take over the farm, the equality of the animals is paramount. However, equality is secondary to the rights of the pigs as "brain" workers, again some animals being "more equal than others. The strife in several African countries also has similarities to the events in Animal Farm. Peoples have been mistreated, whether racially, ethnically or religiously and eventually rise up, only for, in some instances, their leaders to create their own sense of inequality as they then dominate their countries.

Disillusionment and discontent replace the euphoria but, much like the ending of Animal Farm , the masses appear powerless. Mainly, the book itself was written as a satire of the aftermath of the Russian Revolution.

Starr lives in an primarily African American neighborhood, however she attends a predominately Caucasian preparatory school. On a daily basis she struggles with internal conflicts related to her identity and self acceptance. While the book may seem to embody the essence of the Black Lives Matter movement, it is also a story that deals with a teenage girl coming of age in a time where she must grapple with issues far beyond her years.

The book showcases a main character that feels the uncertainty of her future and wonders if she can make a difference in a world that does not seem to value her life or that of people who look like her. Many teens will find that this story resonates with their own personal experience.

The Hate U Give is a novel inspired by Black Lives Matter, which is a movement formed in response to violence targeted at black individuals and communities. The main character in the story, Starr Carter, witnesses a police officer shoot her friend Khalil, who is a young, unarmed black male.

The remainder of the book explores the tragedy's effects on Starr and her community, and the shooting parallels many well-publicized instances of police officers shooting young, unarmed black men.

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