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How to Write a Philosophy Paper About Nursing

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❶Some people are more aware of their underlying beliefs while some uncover them through the exercises described in this article. This is a good question.

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It will be more helpful to you to write down more than one experience to reflect upon. Just write down as much detail as you can remember, including what you did, asked or said, how you felt about your work, patients, the situation, etc.

Critically examine each clinical narrative. Focus on just one sentence at a time Hernadez, Picking apart the narrative in that way enables you to really understand what is going on in terms of the philosophical beliefs, values, and assumptions about the nursing metaparadigm concepts that are represented in each sentence.

Identify which nursing metaparadigm concept is represented in each sentence. The four phenomena of central interest that define nursing i. Identify whether the sentence reflects an assumption, belief, or value. Reread the BAV definitions in your textbook or my free Theory guide to help you differentiate assumptions from beliefs from values and the metaparadigms from each other. I would use symbols to mark up my narrative or highlight in different colors. Use what works for you. The point is to be able to look at your work and get an overall view or gestalt of your BAVs about the nursing metaparadigm concepts.

Smith; Upon assessment …. Her skin was cool and clammy; his vital signs were …. I would mark that sentence as the Nursing metaparadigm because it was something I DID for the patient. When you are writing the BAVs, it might help if you start with the metaparadigm concept you are writing about — Nurses, Persons, Health, the Environment ….

You might want to group the BAVs for each nursing metaparadigm concept together. This big picture should give you insight into your personal philosophy — what you really believe and value about nursing practice. These general BAVs will form the underlying framework of your personal philosophy of nursing.

You can identify your assumptions about nurses, persons, health, and environment first. What do you take for granted? What do you assume to be true without any hard evidence? Now, think about what you believe about Nurses and Nursing Practice, in general.

What skills or attributes do you think a great nurse should have? How should they relate to Persons? What values should nurses hold? Then think about what you believe and value about Persons, Health, and Environment. Write these thoughts down. Construct your personal philosophy statement by reflecting on your core BAVs. Summarize or combine the main ideas, if needed and then bring them all together into a coherent statement.

Your philosophy statement should contain information about each of the four nursing metaparadigm concepts. Be as concise as possible — one or two paragraphs at the most. Obviously, if you are to write a detailed paper on your personal philosophy of nursing, it will need to be more than a couple of paragraphs. This exercise will help you clarify your thoughts about the essence of nursing and nursing practice. Capturing what you find most important is a powerful motivator to drive your nursing practice to a higher level.

Knowing what You believe and value about nursing practice will help you select nursing and non-nursing theories that resonate with your beliefs and values, to guide your professional practice.

Your personal nursing pilosophies may mirror your general philosophies on life. You often hear that nurses must overcome a series of demands to provide top quality care. As a practicing nurse, you can relate to the long hours, high-pressure situations, and constant flow of physically challenging work.

Developing a personal nursing philosophy, and revisiting it regularly, will help you overcome these demands by staying in touch with what drives you. Professionals tend to hit their stride in their forties and fifties. However, rediscovering your passion for work ensures that you can achieve new goals and inspire the people around you. Taking the time to formally define your philosophy of nursing can help you in many tangible and intangible ways.

This exercise will help you avoid burnout and motivate you to do your best work, every day. It will also help you succeed in a long-term nursing career. It is very common for nursing students to be assigned the task of writing a personal philosophy of nursing. Preceptors and instructors often hand down this assignment to get their students thinking in new ways.

However, students may not feel that they have developed a philosophy yet. This can create confusion for students who have yet to become working nurses. This assignment is relevant because it requires students to think critically about the profession they plan to enter.

Begin defining your personal philosophy of the nursing profession by first answering the questions below:. Once you have answered these questions, the odds are you will be feeling very connected to your beliefs.

This will make it easier for you to combine them into an overall philosophy. Expanding your individual answers into a complete philosophy can be accomplished through the following exercise:. Begin by defining exactly what nursing means to you personally. This is not a formal definition; seek to weave your answers from above into explanatory sentences.

Include one story or more that elaborates on some of your values, traits, and skills. Consider describing how and why you embody them with examples of philosophy of nursing from your life. Some personal nursing philosophy examples include using your nursing to better-underprivileged communities or to make an impact in home care environments.

Close by highlighting the values, traits, and skills that mean the most to you.

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When writing a philosophy of nursing, there are important points to be covered. Here are useful examples and helpful quotes to describe your devotion for nursing.

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Writing your personal philosophy of nursing is all about critical reflection. Exercises in critical reflection assist in “building theoretical understanding and promote confidence in learning. and in discussing nursing theories” (Hernandez, , p. , ). How to Write a Personal Philosophy of Nursing It is very common for nursing students to be assigned the task of writing a personal philosophy of nursing. Preceptors and instructors often hand down this assignment to get their students thinking in new ways.

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For example, if you write a personal philosophy nursing paper, you must provide evidence about the reasons that make you feel that it is the right career and the values that will make you a good nurse. Personal Statement of Beliefs/Philosophy about Nursing My philosophy is one which I will stand by for the duration of my nursing profession. This philosophy is based on providing competent, empathetic, compassionate and optimal holistic care to the best of my ability.