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Latin homework help tudors war of the roses

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Latin Homework Help

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Students seeking Latin translation help may find the following guidelines useful: What is the passage about? Do you have any expectations about what will happen in it as a whole, and what will happen in the particular sentence you are translating? Answering these questions can be a big help for Latin translations that are not single-sentence exercises. Remember the grammar is always most important, even or especially! For most efficient Latin translation, it helps to have all the words in a sentence or phrase looked up in a dictionary before you begin to translate.

Sometimes a word you think is a verb is actually an adverb… and sometimes a dictionary can go a long way to helping your Latin translation by informing you about idioms or common grammatical constructions for example, some verbs taking the dative. Since most English sentences start with a subject and a verb, finding the verb, and locating all words in the nominative case is a useful step for students seeking Latin translation help.

Complex Latin and English! Be sure that the number and person of the verb match the word s that are their subject, and remember that sometimes in Latin subjects go unstated. Grammatical precision helps all Latin translations. Need help with my son's Latin homework self. My 11 year old son is taking Latin. I have tried Google translate and it gives me the answer which I don't want to give him as I am unable to explain why.

Not even sure that is right. I ask him to translate in both forms and he is a bit lost. I believe that exercise is from wheelock's. Thank you and yes it is from Wheelock's. Here is the big question See, while genitive and dative are grammatical categories, the actual speakers of Latin didn't learn to speak by memorizing grammar.

So a native Latin speaker would know the word philosopha, and know that adding the "ae" sound at the end could convey several different meanings, that translate in English to something like "of philosophy", "from philosophy" or "to philosophy". To a Latin speaker, this sentence construction would have meaning as "I give myself to philosophy". It's possible to label the sound changes made by a speaker as genitive or dative, but you have to remember that these are external grammatical categories tacked on by grammarians.

You've already gotten a response, but I wanted to add that Google Translate is absolutely horrible at Latin. It cannot be used for homework help. As an accidental Classicist turned high-end SAT tutor, have him stick with it. It lives up to all the hype and then some. Spanking the SATs is the merest beginning. Learning Latin makes English grammar make so much sense, and it helps a lot to keep up with medspeak. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Online Latin homework help from can help students be sure what they are handing in is correct, and can take the anxiety out of studying Latin. Email for a free consultation with a friendly and knowledgeable Latin homework helper.

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Need help with your Latin homework or a tricky translation assignment? Turn to Bright Hub Education's collection of study guides and techniques for help with Latin grammar, including verb conjugation and noun declension, as well as memorization techniques, vocabulary cheat sheets and more. Master this still-used ancient language with the translation and homework help .

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Get online tutoring and college homework help for Latin. We have a full team of professional Latin tutors ready to help you today! Mar 05,  · Looking for some Latin homework help? You've come to the right service! Our team can provide you with the best Latin homework help online!4/4(51).

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