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Lsi Paper Essay

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❶I scored on the medium range closer to the high range according to this I can be highly Judgmental and critical at times.

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Others typically admire my confidence, spontaneity, and the Joy I experience In simply living. To become more self — actualities It suggests me to accept others with fewer conditions, restructure unpleasant tasks to make them more enjoyable, make it a point to do the things I enjoy regularly, see problems as opportunities for growth and development, live each day in the present and know myself.

And the benefits I will gain when I am more self actualities is greater professional success, enhanced creativity and ability to be innovative,stronger acceptance of myself and others, the ability to set and act on personal goals, greater flexibility and divisiveness, Improved perspective and Judgment, openness to new experiences, increased satisfaction and happiness and the ability to relax and enjoy myself. The Humanistic-Encouraging scale measures our interest In people, our tendency to care about others, and our ability to encourage them to Improve.

I scored on the medium range closer to the higher range. And according to the survey I tend to often demonstrate concern for others and can be supportive of them. Because I generally try to encourage people in their efforts to improve, others probably see me as inspirational. I recognize the value of costive feedback and frequently use it as a motivator. Nine Titillate scale measures our degree AT commitment to forming and sustaining satisfying relationships.

This style represents a need for social interaction and interpersonal contact. I scored on the high range and according to the survey results I tend to be most effective and comfortable in the company of others. I will generally strive to improve and maintain those relationships that are important to me. I value teamwork, cooperation and mutually rewarding legislations.

The suggestions to become more affiliated are; to work at getting to know one person well, practice communicating effectively, communicate my sociability by smiling often, touching when appropriate, and making eye contact, learn to express my thoughts and feelings, take a motivational course or Join a professional, civic or recreational group.

The Approval scale measures our need to be accepted by others to increase or sustain our feelings of self-worth.

I scored on the high range and according to the survey I typically work too hard to gain the approval of others. To reduce a need for approval I should voice my own opinions, learn to become more self-directed by setting some personal goals, realize that approval-seeking can result in one-sided relationships, practice facing confrontations, talk to myself when you encounter disapproval. The Conventional scale measures our tendency to act in a conforming way. While some conformity is necessary in life, too much can be restrictive.

I scored on high range and according to the results I probably see rules as more important than ideas. My overly conservative behavior can keep me from trying new things. I may have difficulty taking even small risks. In a sense, being conventional involves trading my creativity and spontaneity for feelings of security.

My tendency to hide behind regulations and procedures can involve discounting my own beliefs and opinions. Transiently at work Ana at none Ana listen to myself. Becoming less conventional can result in the freedom to Express myself, creative, innovative approaches to tasks, self- set standards and goals, a stronger, more individualized sense of self, renewed belief in myself, increased flexibility, the confidence to fulfill your potential and spontaneity.

The Dependent scale measures the degree to which we feel our efforts do not count. I scored on medium range closer to the higher range according to that I may find that my feelings of dependency are eroding my ability to get things done. When making decisions, I am are likely to seek the opinions of others not because my value participative decision-making, but because I feel safer when others set the course.

To become more independent the survey suggests to learn something new. Take an assertiveness training course, or read a book on the subject, realize that no one can make me happy or unhappy, set a few small goals, strive to make decisions independently and take the initiative and assume a leadership role.

Becoming more independent can result in these benefits like a sense of control over my life, self-set standards and goals, the ability to accomplish tasks ore efficiently, improvement in the quality of my relationships and the ability to take risks when appropriate. We do this by hiding our feelings, or by shying away from situations we find threatening I scored on the medium range closer to the higher range and according to that I may have difficulty giving myself credit for my strengths: I may choose to criticize myself when I make mistakes, rather than learning from them and moving forward.

The Oppositional scale measures our tendency to use the defensive and aggressive strategy of disagreeing with others, and to seek attention by being critical and cynical. I scored on the medium range closer to the high range according to this I can be highly Judgmental and critical at times. I may not be easily influenced by the opinions of others and occasionally go out of my way to take a rigid, opposing view.

This is possibly due to the very competitive unstable work environment and lack of company resources additional people I am currently in. Which tend to make me feel that I cannot be relied upon to deliver. Probably, that is why now I tend to react rather than initiate, and end up being very unsupportive of myself.

Therefore, the Dependent style would be my area needing the most improvement. A person, that has an achievement style typically will attain self-set goals, shares in responsibility and believes that their individual effort does make the difference to you, others, groups and eventually to the organization. I thought I would just through a bit of humor in because I work in a Naval Air repair situation.

In our text by Schermerhorn, Hunt and Osborn. Organizational Behavior, Ninth Edition, they state that there are four basic management style functions. Setting an objective and identifies the actions needed to achieve them. Dividing up tasks and arranging the resources needed to accomplish them.

Creating enthusiasm to work hard to accomplish tasks successfully. Monitoring performance and any action for corrective action.

As having a moderate achievement style, I find my self-management qualities to be as follows: Note that I use self management as opposed to Manager. Reason being I do not hold a management position at this time. When planning an activity, I tend to focus on achieving a standard of excellence. I am committed to make things better either for myself or may organization. I feel I have adopted the idea that my effort makes little difference in the outcome of things in my current work environment.

Thus, creates a self doubt and undermines my potential to improve things timely. When organizing my work assignments and tasks, I tend to over book my allotted time. I would prioritize tasks based on who needs them by what date not on effectiveness.

My time management skills desperately need an overhaul. A moderate achievement style person tends to lead by example. I am capable of doing my best, but it sometimes causes me to set goals that are un realistically high. Although my achievement orientation is not as it should be, I think I have the potential to grow and improve with the help of this LSI. As the material in Human Synergistics-International , overviews this style as dealing with personal effectiveness that result in attaining high-quality results.

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View Notes - LSI paper from GM at DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Management. LIFE STYLES INVENTORY (LSI) INTERPRETATIONS JEANNINE CHRISTELLE YONG [email protected] GM%(32).

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LSI Paper GM According to the LSI, my Primary personal thinking style is AFFILIATIVE at 93% and my Backup personal thinking styles are SELF-ACTUALIZING, HUMANISTIC-ENCOURAGING, and CONVENTIONAL. All of these three are at 90%. I agreed with these results. When I look at my personal and professional life, this is exactly how I see myself. Lsi Paper - Free assignment samples, guides, articles. All that you should know about writing assignment The Self-Actually scale measures a way of thinking that results in the highest form of personal fulfillment.

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LSI Paper Martin E. Phipps MGMT Leadership and Organizational Behavior Thursday, November 07, Introduction The Life Styles Inventory (LSI) measures twelve personal orientations and thinking patterns that helps promote toward different thinking and . Lsi Life Styles Inventory Paper GM Yvonne Hobbs LSI Paper The life styles inventory is a survey of questions that help us to gain an insight into our own personality and what type of behaviors we exert to others as individuals.