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Success Is A State Of Mind

State Of Mind Matters

❶I think you can also find happiness in doing the things you love, with the people you love.

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Understanding the Soul of Excellence

Med Decis Making, Stoeber, Perfectionism, fear of failure, and affective responses to success and failure: J Sport Exerc Psychol, Gjesme, Motivation and temporal distance: Sheldon, Eyes on the prize or nose to the grindstone?

The effects of level of goal evaluation on mood and motivation. Pers Soc Psychol Bull, Ansseau, [Failure effects and gender differences in perfectionism]. Fifer, Individual differences in incompetence avoidance. Excellent post, and thanks for the references. It would be great if more of the bloggers here followed your example. New research suggests that brain to brain communication is possible.

New research helps explain how you can change your mindset when you're down. How do you restore direction after a psychological wrong-turn in life? Back Psychology Today Canada.

Back Find a Therapist. Cognitive Dissonance, Willpower, and Your Brain. The Psychology of Hothouse Earth. The Leadership Bind During Crisis. Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Faceook. Connect with me on LinkedIn. Submitted by KC on May 24, - 7: Your typos distracted me. What's up with all those? If knot, than yoo fownd me owt.

Now we can laff! Pillay Excellent post, and thanks for the references. Submitted by Srini Pillay M. Post Comment Your name. What is success state of mind, anyway? Typically a mind-set refers to your predominant state of mind day to day. Likewise, think positively, expect the best and focus on a successful outcome and you get it most of the time.

But how exactly does this work? A lack of belief in yourself usually comes along with a sense of powerlessness and futility, which is the exact opposite of a success mind-set. Obviously, this type of mind-set is a recipe for failure in any endeavor. Having a true success mind-set, on the other hand, means you believe in yourself and your capabilities.

Without a success mind-set, one failure is enough to convince you that pursuing your goals is a waste of time. Unfortunately, few things worth having are obtained so easily! In fact, a true success mind-set makes it obvious that the only true failure occurs when you stop trying. What was worse, was that none of them were happy. This was the future that I was looking into and for me it was a bleak realization, but I did not know how to escape or to change the direction of my life, I felt trapped.

I was broken because I measured success in greater terms than monetary gain, happiness was the largest component of success for me, and at that moment my self-worth was negative because there was no happiness in my life nor did I foresee any. So, after being broken in April of , I made the unorthodox decision to do something I had been terrified to do for years, I left the industry and enrolled in North Seattle Community College NSCC as the beginning to the pursuit of earning a law degree.

Instantly, the weight of despair lifted off of my shoulders. I had no idea until that moment that what I was doing was killing my spirit and shattering my self-esteem, thus making me unsuccessful. Now college was by no means easy for me and I neither have doubts, nor reservations of any form that success, may and most often is, a difficult and fearful undertaking, but fear is about the future and as such, bears no relevance to what is possible today.

That very week I was also accepted into the University of Washington as a History and Philosophy undergraduate. I share all of this with you, not so that I can toot my own horn, but rather so that I can convey to you an example of what is possible when the lenses through which we view the world are reversed. As a teenager, I was a high school drop-out, a thug, and a thief whose only prospects were prison and death.

As a young man, and because of the decisions I made as an adolescent, it seemed that my only viable outcome in life was to be an unhappy-manual-laborer. Success is a state of mind and it is directly related to self-worth.

If you are finding that you are not in a position in life today, which you consider to be successful, then it may be helpful to try looking at your world from an entirely new perspective and doing something that you have always believed was impossible. I have found that nothing reinforces a sense of self-worth like minor successes and those successes come from taking action. These minor successes help you to build momentum, which is vitally important because the road of life has bumps and potholes all over the place, and are set there in an attempt to derail you.

But with momentum and a new perspective, these minor diversions, which otherwise would seem catastrophic become still more successes that add to your momentum as you overcome them. In closing, I will share a metaphor with you that I developed a few years ago and, which has kept me focused in the midst of the turmoil of pursuing success:. When we stop to consider a goal, it is as if we are standing on the peak of one mountain looking at the peak of another mountain. From this vantage point we can see the forests and the jungles, the valleys and the rivers, which must be maneuvered to make it to our desired mountain peak.

From there we lay our best plans, drawing maps and establishing contingencies for the unforeseeable and when we are ready, we forge into the great mystery of success by departing from our vantage point. The key is not to lose focus of our objective mountain peak. Yet, once we enter into the forests and valleys we often lose sight of where it is we have come from and where we intend to go. This is a great place to be because it is neither our past, nor our future which is important, only the moment that we are in right now.

Trust your map and the direction you selected while remembering that it is not the goal that is the true reward, but actually the lessons learned, the experiences and the alliances that are gained in the process that are the true rewards. So, when we become lost in the jungle and we encounter divergent paths that would divert us, stay the course, do not become lost in the realm of what-ifs and accomplish nothing; you may always return to these other interests after you reach your mountain peak.

During our journey we have come to a waterfall, and like many waterfalls, what is on the opposite side of the waterfall is difficult to see.

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The Success of the Welfare State Essay Words | 4 Pages The Success of the Welfare State The Welfare State is a system set up in Britain that takes care of its citizens "from the cradle to the grave.".

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Success and Happiness: A Personal Reflection Essay - Happiness, what is it, and why do we strive to achieve it so persistently. Happiness in some points of view is portrayed as the state that is derived from self-awareness of a benefiting action or moment taking place.

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Success Is A State Of Mind: 5 Lessons That Taught Me This Is VERY True January 18, | Before I tell you why I now know that success is a state of mind, I should say . Happiness is a state of mind! Happiness is a state of mind! April 23, By nolle94 BRONZE, Schinveld, Other. National Essay Contest; Cover Art Contest; Educator of the Year Contest;.

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That’s why Dr. Joyce Brothers said, “Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.”. You hear it all the time: ‘success is a state of mind.” There are people who would argue that success is a natural result of proper planning, preparation and focused action, and that viewpoint certainly holds a grain of truth – but there are also many exceptions to disprove that “rule.