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❶Alyssa was the drive thru attendants name. I went in there between

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Another example of American Greed. I feel a strong desire to protest and contact my local news station. The good news — there are several other alternatives for me to choose from. Came here early to use internet??? Right by Hilton Garden in?? I decided to get a burger king as my normal choice is McDonalds but your adverts were saying you had a cheaper menu and how good they were so I went to try one. I bought a Chicken Royale and it was awful. I told them I was unable to have milk products so they gave me a milky coffee, when they changed it for my requested black coffee the coffee was bad tasting.

I rang and told them and they said I could have another one for free on my next visit but why would I do that when it was so horrid? By no means am I a prude. With that being said I feel compelled to say that I am truly offended by your newest commercial. The beautiful young lady portrayed as being naked. You are in my opinion selling sex to your younger audience and not the burger. Where have your family values gone? It offends me that you used this young woman as a sex object to promote your burger.

I feel that this commercial sends a very negative message to our younger generation. There was no one showing as present, I called to see if there was then a man appeared and told a woman to get to order area.

When she brought it, I said I asked for take out. She g runted and threw the plastic ware at my tray and huffed away.

What a l ousy way to treat customers. The Burger King on Greeno Rd. In Fair hope Has the worst and most rude help ever!!! My husband and I went there to use the buy one get one free crossiant. I stood at the counter for a few minutes then finally a female came from the drive in window and asked what I wanted.

Then we exchanged a few words. She was rude and VERY unprofessional. I talked to the mgr. Never have I been treated so rudely in a resturant of any type. I hope they fire her!!!!! I have been going to Burger King and this morning was the first time that I felt totally disrespected. This also was the first time that I encountered this manager african-american female w short hair cut. I was using my coupon and had to purchase a frie and drink in order to use it!

So I thanked the guy and the manager took his order all the while my order was siting on the counter getting cold. The other customer got his food and left, then I proceeded to leave and they stopped me! My food was getting even colder, especially my fries! I gave my card to another employee and also my change. My food was cold and I had to get back to work so I left! I ordered for breakfast hash brown with cheese and bacon and it looks nasty. Bad customer service and poor breakfast.

The service and food were as expected. The service was quick and the staff was friendly. What impressed me about this visit was the care and attention 3 of the female staff showed an elderly man that was obviously having a medical emergency. They not only responded quickly to call an ambulance, but also took turns walking out to the dining area to check on him, bring him water, and attempted to keep him awake by asking questions that would later help the EMS workers. These 3 ladies went above and beyond what would be expected of anyone in this very scary situation.

They stayed calm and profesionnal, yet caring and compassionate. I went through the drive thru at bk at clear acre exit or selmi drive and had a horrible experience.

I was trying to order a icee and rodeotburger. The gentlemen was very rude. So, I pulled around without receiving my food and went inside in fear that this very establishment might do something to my food. I talked to one of the managers hispanic lady. Her excuse was the system is crap. I vow to never eat there again. I called the establishment on rock blvd and spoke to Steve mgr and he advised me to come by he would take care of me and advised me to make a serious complaint.

I would rather drive an extra 15 minutes out of my to eat at rock blvd than to go clear acre. This is my third and final time to visit your BK at east Washington store…reason being is customer service is argumentative is educating your customers. She is not funny nor is her coworkers who then laughed when she was strongly trying to prove herself correct. Bad taste, terrible manners I say! Advertisement says Free WiFi…….. The assistant manager has rebooted the modem several times and still no WiFi.

The date is May 26, at They said the WiFi never works and have already reported the problem with their superior. The management should take down the free WiFi sign or change carrier. I happen to own shares with the company. I asked that they both be made fresh off the broiler.

I was asked to park around front which is expected Only a couple of min. I thought I might have had good timing today and went through the drive thru just as fresh ones were being made. I get home and open up the sandwiches to find them really dark brown on the outside and luke warm on the inside.

Apparently this BK store likes to twice fry existing fish and chicken that has already been cook once. Needless to say the sandwiches were nasty and they have lost my business forever. Where I live there is every fast food joint known to man with in 3 miles of the house. Who needs the aggravation of a BK store that conducts themselves like this? My daughter and I are staying at a motel a couple buildings down from Burger king of only 24 hour restaurant!

I know there is no truth in that my daughter and I were very hungry and already going through some things and then she does this! When we approached the building she was already staring at us like really and she frowned at us at the window this was clear discrimination and I wont rest until she no longer works there! To whom this may concern, my last dollar was spent at burger king last night.

I will never eat there again, period. This goes for whoever reads this, if you eat there, you get what you get. First of all I am not writing this to receive a burger or get any type of promotional offer. Nor do I know anyone who works at Burger King. I am writing this solely for the recognition of one of your employees, who in my opinion, exemplifies all that an employee from a fortune company could at the highest level. I was having lunch with a neighbor when I overheard a sales meeting conducted by her in which she touched all areas of fast food operations.

Including but not limited to areas of personal performance and marketing with the tact and motivation on par with any executive existing. A week later I returned for lunch again and during that experience watched her go out of the building, on a very hot day, and pick up trash located in the parking lot. I was so impressed I had to ask her name. Her name is Jen Clary. The Store is located at 12th Street Ogden, Utah This individual is a fantastic example of what a dedicated employee could be.

Thank you Burger King for the great atmosphere created by employing this woman. Hopefully she will not be forgotten if and when raises in salary are considered. As previously stated I do not nor have I ever met here. But, I certainly do appreciate the fact there are people like her in the world.

Sincerely Bryan Swenson Ogden, Utah. I had worst experience ever today, where i had to literally discard the meal i bought with the fear of getting my kids sick. While waiting for order to be delivered my coke was filled and set on table to be given with ordered burger and same moment i saw a big fly sitting on my cup. I took picture of it and while employee hand still holding the glass. I was given my order and i came home. While serving it to my kids i thought what if there are many flies in their kitchen too and what if my kids get sick because of it.

Or else it was messed up filthy coke with such lousy and filthy taste. I had been a loyal customer and had Burger King around the world, this experience has shaken my loyalty towards this brand.

I am not concerned with the money wasted, but worried about safety of other people who love Burger King like me and my family. The BK King is beyond belief he is very scary and the food thrown on the table is not very clean. We live within half a mile of this burger king and visit it frequently and have never visited store in Nashua NH and had it gone smoothly. Place is a total nightmare, no cars in the parking lot but drive thru is backed up 9 cars! I have an issue with your Lakewood ny location.

Thank you Burger King. In my job I spend a lot of time on the road so I eat lunch at many different places. Placed my order and sat down to eat. After a few minutes I noticed something about the young lady that was cleaning the tables seemed a little off. I then realized she had a disability. She came to my table when she saw I was done eating smiled and took my tray. I said thank you and still smilling she nodded.

Every interaction was done with a wave and a smile. Thank you both for giving these people the opportunity to shine. We take for granted what we can do and to see someone struggling with the simplest task and still smiling and happy is a blessing. If only we could all learn to be happy with what we have. Love life in all it challenges.

The order number is It was check number I will be happy to scan the little piece of paper to an email if you give me one to send it to. Guess there a first time for everything. Very rude its 8 am and someone is oversleeping. Hello my name is Marquita Flagg. I just wanted to make you aware of my most recent visit to one of your stores. On Sunday September 6th I visited store at 2: I then decided to go inside because I wanted no further interaction with her and I did not want to take the chance of anything being done to my food such as tainting it in any way which inconvenienced me because not only did I have to wake up my son who was in the car asleep and bring him inside but I was pressed for time which caused a delay in handling what I needed to.

I attempted to tell the manager about my negative experience and she completely ignored me. She displayed no empathy, did not apologize for my inconvenience and did not attempt to resolve the issue. I work in customer service and have for many years and I can say that this is absolutely unacceptable. Perhaps you need to hire staff that know how to treat hard working paying customers instead of treating them like second class citizens. Or even make them learn what real customer service is.

I would never ever treat a customer the way that I was treated. It was completely egregious and I will continue to send complaint emails, phone calls and letters until this is resolved. I could have gone anywhere else with my money that I work hard for and would have probably received better treatment than I did for that establishment.

Had a less than favorable experience at local BK, went home and left email detailing the entire experience; after 6 wks have not received as much as a contact or any response. Went on web today tried to file another write up but was unable to complete time and location website would not allow and therefore my comments could not be submitted.

Discouraged to say the least!!!!! I would like to begin by saying I like Burger King, but for a long time I had stopped going to BK because the burgers were always cold. I decided recently to try again and have gone twice. To my disappointment the burgers are again cold, cheese is not melted and the meat is just a little warm.

The other ingredients are fresh, the bun is fresh, nice tomatoes, pickles and lettuce.. I was in your Lane Allen Rd. I waited 20 minutes and was never waited on at the register. One lady was working the drive thru and was very stressed out and the lady that was taking care of the front register was standing around doing nothing. Even the mailman who dropped off the mail said good luck on getting served. After 20 minutes I left and went to Taco Bell..

I visited Burger King today in Sellersburg, Indiana. Have to say, I was very disappointed in the food. I ordered a double cheeseburger meal.

On the windows and walls were all these pictures of your burgers showing them to be big and robust and juicy with toppings overflowing. My burger was nothing like that. Both patties were so small you had to lift up the bun to see them. Both patties together still did not make a decent hamburger.

They were flat and dry. How come your food never looks like your advertisements? Probably will be a loooong time before I go back, if I do at all. Monday ordered a number 10 chicken tender-crisp with the hot sauce of the spicy chicken sandwich added. Thursday went and told the manager and he told his staff to make me a large tender-crisp sandwich which the clerk handed me and turned away and I thanked her and me mumbled something. I got back to work and it was another processed chicken breast, not the chicken tender-crisp that I usually get.

I am not going back to that store no. I went to breakfast today with my husband this morning, he had his heart set on sausage biscuits. John told him would take a few minutes for the biscuits to b ready which was fine.

Brandi also was especially nice and helpful as well. This was the B. Then would not process my note without the address.

Went to drive in at Browns Mills BK. I ordered 4 double cheese burgers and a large fries. Gave her the money. I did as instructed. Just under 10 minutes later, I was getting out of car to go in and cancel the order. I had Ice cream melting. Girl was walking out with bag. She went back in.

I looked in the bag. I walked in to counter, people behind the counter ignored me. Eventually a girl made eye contact. I told her the order was short. She said not a word. Another girl came and took the bag.

She walked over to the fry bin and started to get fries. I have had problems with the mentally challenged Sunday staff there before. A few months ago I ordered 4 double cheese burgers. Religious constraints kept my friend from eating them. I was really excited to purchase the Halloween burger that I had been seeing on the commercials and advertisements. As a loyal customer who will not let on horrible burger ruin my experience with the restaurant, I will never purchase that particular burger ever again and not recommend to anyone either.

At bonner springs, kc BK. He took my recipe to view the order but never gave back. Ordered a dbl whopper had gotten a single a1 bun, asked to exchange and he did. Problem was I opened the sandwich and he re wrapped it and served it to another One of your customers. She was older and saw the whole thing. My family and I were eating in the dining area watching the whole thing and your employee was very rude and disturbing to the rest of the guests.

We finished quickly and we do not want to return. So did a father and son. Very disappointed in this experience. We live not far from bonner springs but will not return. That poor woman was treated badley and a supervisor or crew chief should never talk to a customer let alone an older lady like that. I was so frustrated with this i called your corp number and left a general message.

Ordered a chicken sandwich at burger king today, due to the fact that I hate mayonnaise I order it with ketchup and mustard. So, whats my beef, no pun intended I was in a hurry and did not check and got home and had exactly what I did not want lettuce and mayonnaise.

Since I live far away and did not want to go back my dog was able to enjoy my lunch, but I am not happy. A woman in Burger King clothes and a drive through headset on guided two young kids one girl about 5 and one boy about 2 into a corner booth where the older one sat and watched some video on what I thought was her mothers phone. Meanwhile the two year old wiggled busy.

After a few minutes the older child went up to the counter and got a tray with food for her and the younger boy. I sat there for about a half an hour while the kids sat there unsupervised. Even more amazing was that none of the other staff seemed to find this in any way strange. They just went about work like nothing was wrong.

What kind of business is Burger King running food or day care? This morning at 9: BK employee asked how many sugars? I answered 15 sugars on the side, please. He asked, How many? I repeated 15 sugars please, He said N, because the can only give me a limited amount.

Totally Shocked with his response. The first question on the form is a space to fill in the Burger King restaurant number. There is an address, a tel. Could you send me a bkexperience form that asks for all manner and form of info. I have the address and tel. Just not the BK restaurant no. What is the BK rest. This particular BK has for some time been printing out receipts with most all info. Many surveys have not been taken because of this unintentional or intentional oversight. Was at Myrtle Beach 21st Ave location Sun 11 oct.

Asked for mgr and just got her internal issues. Left without my sandwich. Crazy rediculous lack of caring or service. I left full story with contact info on survey. I recently visited the Burger King on FM in Dickinson Texas and the people or condescending rude and gave me the wrong order.

When I called back to complain the manager again told me how I was wrong and they gave me free fries and refused to give me the comment or complaint number instead she gave me her district managers number who did not answer. I asked for the question or complaint number and she gave me the district managers number I told her that I did not want the district managers number I want to question our complaint number After arguing back-and-forth to her about the number I finally hung up call the district manager left him a message because he did not answer he still has not called me back and I look this up on the Internet today is the time is one minute until 5 PM.

He was so helpful and we really felt like he wanted to help us. He could train all drive through people across this country. So, thanks for making our experience an enjoyable one. I feel I was discriminated against, at the location on Jericho tpke, in New Hyde park,new york on Sunday,November 1st at about 12 15 am.

I knocked on the drive through window and was told that because I am not currently a car owner, I do not have the right to purchase any burger king product. This is a big deal, and I will not be discriminated by your company because at this point in time I am forced to eat these products.

What do you plan on doing to correct this matter. I will wait up to two days for valid correspondence as to your response. Why do you discriminate against customers at the drive through, because they don,t own a car. It would seem to me that having to eat this low budget food would go hand in hand with a low income, and of course the lack of a car. It is hard to understand why I am required to own a car in order to eat your sub par food.

Burger King continues to push the envelope. I personally have abandoned the chain. Until certain practices are abandoned, I will continue to support other establishments. Her name ia Makenna Ferguson. I lost my receipt and found this site to do this. I watched her take care of an elderly women who was having trouble walking and she waited on her and even gave her a crown when the lady asked for it.

And as a veteran, she treated me with great respect, which is very much appreciated. I would give her a raise if it were in my power. You have a wonderful employee there and I hope you hold on to her. She is a treasure! I wanted to contact your menu development department regarding a new sauce idea…. We had extremely bad service at the kodak,tenn location with malissa. Dont worry face book has room for more complaints! You need to look into this matter.

Please email me back thank yiu. I went to the location on led better Dr in Dallas Texas next to sonic at This is feedback from several customer service related problems I had at the Burger King at Nottingham way store number The general manager Daniel Tapia always has a negative attitude and constantly makes me reverse or pull up in the drive thru when there are no cars in line. On one visit there was brown lettuce on my original chicken sand which.

Daniel is not the only employee at this location with a general rude disposition and general lack of concern for the customer service experience. I stopped at Burger King on the way home from church. It is actually out of my way. I ordered 2 Ham Egg Chz Croissant and wanted them cooked fresh. I stood at the counter and heard the door of a microwave pop open after the cook made the sandwiches.

Then she put them on the warmer at the top. I complained at the time that if I wanted them microwave I would have fixed them myself. I phoned the management after I returned home and she told me that I could bring them back if I wanted and she would give me two fresh. She said that the cook did not follow protocol. She nuked both sandwiches.

I did not have the Survey Code because for some reason the cashier did not give me the original receipt. Hosts name was Courtland. Burger King Executive Management, please be informed that your European branches are sending persons back to their country and not renewing visa because management there has not being paying insurance taxes.

I know of your Stockholm branch where several employees are sent home, hard working folk. If so, parents such as I who love Burger King will begin a ban in protest. Work this situation out and find a solution for your employees to stay by fixing your company mistakes.

On your Android app, under Hash Brown Burrito you have listed No Allergens however the description states that it contains cheese. Many of us use these guides for allergy issues. Thank you for updating the listing as needed. I just visited the burger king on admiral and memorial and I will not be returning to start off I had to hunt for a parking spot because all the employees was parked in the customer parking be the building I had to park a ways from building to get parked and there were no customers inside so there should have not been an issue with parking then the person who waited on me was rude while I was trying to give him my order he kept talking to someone on his head set then once I got my food the hash browns where where so hard and still it was like trying to bite in to beef jerky so I feel I need to let someone know about this.

Last night on Jan, 17 at 5pm. Even if we did load it and pulled out the meat our selves the meat would come out raw or burnt. For just giving out my opinion the manager veronica started yelling and disrespecting me. Especially because she is a manager who is suppose to be calm and understanding about the situation that we had with the boiler.

I believe she had anger balled up against me from earlier, I texted our store manager about something that she did at 3pm that day also. It is unbelievable how this happened.

I want an answer. I visited one of your Burger King at ? My coffee was cold very cold tasted like it was made with cold water. The hash browns were ice cold and soggy.

Fast food is competitive and good advice to you is to put out a good product. Hi my name is Emily Roeder and I was wondering if you did any type of donations. I work at a school in Clinton Tennessee and we are having several different types of events coming up.

Hello my name is richard Hall I picked up some food today with the coupon that you offer. I asked for barbecue sauce for my fries and my chicken sticks they said they had none so they offered me a ranch they gave me two things of ranch for a whole fry and a whole thing chicken fingers.

I did not want ranch I really wanted barbecue not that big of a deal but how can a restaurant of that size run out a barbecue. I had an order mix up and a money shortage at our local Bk.

I immediately called the Bk store and talked to a very nice manager however the mixup was at a location about 5 miles away.

When I reported the cash shortage things went downhill from there. She made me feel like I had taken her money and gave her nasty Cold food instead of it being my loss. She loudly informed me that her Gm would not her give the cash back and I could call them.

Could she have not checked her books for that shift close before just saying No. Even then the tea was u sweet and I felt like a criminal so I left the building with my bag very dissatisfied. I went in there with my son on March There was 1 customer ahead of me waiting on his food. I placed my order at 6: Another customer walked in and asked me if I was waiting to order, and I told him I had already ordered over 10 minutes ago, and am still waiting on two fish sandwiches.

So, I went in today at She came up to the counter, I introduced myself, and she said she would be happy to replace my fish. So, I received bad food, was threatened, had to wait 13 minutes by the way, when I left, the original customer was still waiting for two sandwiches, and was lied to by the GM.

Rest assured I will not be spending my money at that store anymore. I would have entered a survey, but the receipts are unreadable. I expect more from BK. On March 15, Chicago IL Latonya was very rude and surly. I called back to complain and Latonya answered the phone and stated that she was the manager.

She pushed my change at me and then gave me ketchup instead of jelly. What a rubbish I thought they have nice food the worth to buy from burger king nothing like macdonal. This the last time I buy from burger king nothing like macdonal wrong order rubbish food cold and dirty special the one in eastern avenue ilford staff very rude even manager rude too.

My order was She said it was horrible and will never eat one again. It was all wrinkled and chewy one of the worst she ever had. What I think is that it was setting around and all they did was warm it up. If you are going to serve Hot Dogs they need to be fresh. WE eat there quite often and this time it was a big turn off.

We will have to take a break from going there for a while. Sorry to vent but I believe it was necessary. I was just in Burger King drive thru in Elkhorn, Wi ordered crispy chicken menu medium sized it. I ordered it plain got about 20 minutes away opened it and it has everything on it. I called the store and was told next time to stop and get a free lunch or I could go into a BK by my house and BK will compt my lunch. Now happy at ALL. The Burger King hot dog Griller?

In particular, the toppings, why not give the customer a choice! Bought the 9 chicken sandwich yesterday and I was telling my wife it was so great. Bought another today and one for my wife too so she could see why I bragged it up the day before.

Waited 10 min in drive through and was only vehicle. Got the food, pulled over to taste and chicken was cold and dry… Fries too. Rice Lake, WI main st. No wonder parking lot is so empty. How can it be so good one day and so bad the next? This is suppose to be a family friendly restaurant and two employees were outside smoking pot next to the outside of their building. My kids asked what are they doing and what is that smell, then 3 weeks prior to this they let a protest hold signs and had a bunch of rude people in their parking lot.

Their should be several people losing their jobs, and these are the people that think they should get paid dollars an hour are you kidding me. I went to the Burger King at Westheimer Rd. I was asked for the number in the right-hand corner. There was no number visible but the coupon was valid until April 24th. I have gone to this Burger King for over 20 years and never go to another burger place, but I am having second thoughts now.

I visited bk in Haleyville Al at 9: The boy working the window joined in, well as long as they work there my money Will be sadly spent elsewhere! I am a big burger king fan hopefully they can be replaced with adults who can do the job. There was two other customers either side of me in total believe too! This needs to be sorted and i will not be entering a Burger King for awhile if theses ridiculous portion sizes continue.

While my customer service survey complaints yesterday afternoon went unanswered, after some bizarre behavior from the manager, I must say I failed to mention that when the self service drink machine ran out of orange Hi-C half way through the cup, with syrup dripping like it does at the end, the manager took it and filled it the rest of the way.

Such horrible customer service all around. Just stopped by Burger King at Stanley, N. The girl said they were on the lunch menu now. I looked at the clock and it was The store was empty. There were no customers there. I said OK and left. I left to run a couple of errands but the more I thought about it I thought I should at least tell the manager what I thought.

I went back and went inside. The same girl greeted me. I asked for the manager. I could tell by her voice that she was who I talked to earlier. I asked her what time they stopped serving breakfast. This was about 30 minuted later from my first visit. The store was still empty. I told her it made no business sense to turn a customer away like that when there were no customers.

I pointed out the fact that there still was nobody there. You treating me this way makes me not want to come back. This store just completed a major remodel that took weeks to complete and lots of money. The place is still empty most of the time. I live nearby but will not go back. Instead of giving me the coffee I paid for they called the police. The worst customer service ever. I like Burger King but I went not to long ago and orderd chicken fries and there was a feather sticking out of the side of one I have a pic of it.

Welcome to Burger King. How can I help you? At the window, I was greeted by a friendly young man who again welcomed me. I told him he did a good job on the speaker and he thanked me, introduced himself and shook my hand. Little things but what a change from the usual fast food experience.

I will go there again. There were three of us waiting in the drive thru that had placed our orders. Finally, after waiting for 15 minutes the guy behind got fed up enough to back up so that I could do the same. I went into the store and inquired as to where our food was and the manager just looked at me with a blank look on her face. I love my BK and will continue eating there! My experience on June 4, at store was terrible. The whoppers were lukewarm, I was abruptly told that there were no shakes after I asked for two different shakes, instead of telling me when I asked for the first shake.

I was given a to go bag even though I had planned to eat there. Two of the employees were agruing out loud in the back. This is the first time that I ever filed a complaint but I thought you should know.

I really like Burger King but this experience was bad. My order number was After we sat to eat, mangr sat 2 tables from us with a female friend and told young man loudly to think about what he should do to keep himself busy from the table. There were 3 customers in the restaurant at the time. This barking and chastising in front of customers is Not appropriate. That is not the way to train employees or to speak to employees. I told said mangr that ketchup was out and received packets.

When I sat back down, mangr sat down at table again and 15 minutes later after seeing me with ketchup, remembered and went and checked, then made another employee take it apart. Plus any discussion about procedures should be done in private. Also if you fluster someone and lower their self confidence more bad things can happen and they can feel that they have low self worth.

Just stopped in at Burger King on Loughborough in St. We stood there for 7 min with not even a hello we will be right with you comment. The man working looked at us 2x and did not say a word then proceeded to refill the ores on the ice cream machine still without a word.

We just walked out and still nobody said a word. Terrible customer service and we will not return to that location. Please contact me if you have any questions Thank you. Informed manager about the same he casually ask what can I do for you and taken snap of the same and at last ask can I order another puff for you??? Please bring back the Big King as a permanent item on your menu.

We ate at our Burger King in Batesville, Ar. We pulled in late and only ordered chicken nuggets for a hungry teenager. The man at the speaker and drive thru could have been rude or aggravated, but chose to be very respectful and friendly. He had shoulder-length hair and tattoos on his arms.

We will be back because of his service! On December 9 we went to BK and got When we got it home we were charged for the right stuff but, did not receive the right items. I called to let them know they had messed my order up and talked to Brandon he said he would put my name in the book. So I went back to get my items and was told my name was not in the book I had to talk to Brandon.

So I called he is not there. Called again not there ask to talk to RGM she was not very nice it is not my fault they messed up my order and she was laughing. I get I am a RGM not good customer service so not that you all care but, I will not returning to that location. Needless to say all I wanted was my 2 Double Whoppers. Please my total price for this was 6.

I work for Howard Johnson restaurant 10 years and work for Greek restaurant for 8years and work at the hospital. I would not serve any of my customers like that of giving them food like that I want my money back for this food and for thie bad service I got along with the nasty taste for and my drinking too.

I take pictures of my fish sandwich and the size of my ice too if your want me to send to you I will and I will never come back to your Burger King any more this was my first time and last time eat here I would love someone to call me. When visited your store located in Bremerton,WA. The drivethru cashier was very short and rude. I visited the Burger King in St. The sign said it was open until 10 pm with the drive thru open until 11 pm.

Burger kind in Detroit Lakes MN have hired people at Is there a class action law suit?? Crooks need to be sued! Since then I have been a Burger King customer but not always in a satisfactory fashion. Keri Goff the restaurant manager is at store the service has changed for the better. Goff is an amazing person, strong leader, courteous with the customers ,friendly and pays attention to detail on your order.

Goff gives you full attention and makes you feel welcome. As for me I start my morning with a large cup of coffee and a large smile from Mrs. You should put it on the menu. All in All its just good business that keeps me coming back. This individual has earned the right to be called The Burger Queen. Every king needs a Queen.

BK has lost a very good customer over this. Well nothing has changed except the outside. I just wanted to inform you…. Your location in King, N. Today I went through the drive thru, ordered, paid, finally left without my food. This location has been sorry for a long time and is a joke to locals.

This is the 3rd or 4th time I have paid and got tired of waiting and left. I may go back again some time, but you can safely rely that I will not pay until my order is ready. I was at the Crawfordville, FL establishment late morning today and noticed the Manager on the floor telling a customer that she was an idiot because of a disagreement they had in front of myself and everyone else. This male Manager needs to be reprimanded for this. Never in my life have I ever seen such a disgraceful and disrespectful exchange between a Manager and a customer.

The Manager is supposed to accommodate the customers, not call them idiots. I will never go back to this establishment again. I went through the drive thru of store today at I Oder a number 14, fish sandwich. I have had those sandwiches on several occasions in the recent past, all were good, until today.

The fish patti today was overcooked and the fish inside the breading was shriveled. Apparently had been in a warmer for hours. I will have to reevaluate that. With no punishment to there actions, I have to be anonymous. Another employee written up because she missed a day of work and brought in a doctors note.

Many illegals work there and treated as 2nd class. GM who does not how to do food counts. A broken broiler they wont fix and it is operated everyday with meat still having red in it.

We are a Burger King that is Franchise Operated. I work there still. Coke machine no ice and no regular coke available on both sides on the dispenser. Bk n new braunfels, San Antonio , Texas. Sales do not close restaurants or hurt you bottom profit, employees do. Is down time at Mind you I was until today a regular customer. I had flown in from a long flight from the mainland and was very hungry.

Your advertisement stated hot dogs on sale 79 cents for the month of July. They stated the sale ended on July 30th!! That was disappointing and I left. Several months ago, I waited patiently for two cars ahead of me to give their orders and move to the window.

I waited for over ten minutes and when I finally got to place my order and move, the same cars that were in front of me we waiting at the window; more than 5 minutes after going there. Today, I got there at 2: I placed my order and pulled around to see, surprise, the car that had been in front of me at the window!

I got a crispy chicken sandwich quite tasty , warm fries, and a drink. Total time from arrival to departure — twenty five minutes!

They could not be eaten until they were warmed in the microwave. They were so cold, the cheese was not melted, and did not melt.

I have been getting our meals from that particular BK for over 5 years and the quality has been going down lately. Maybe the owner needs to show up once in a while.

I was at store and will never go back again! We enjoy eating the Veggie Burgers; however, we feel that Vegetarians get slighted because coupons and specials are always for the people who eat meat. Other things on the menu are nice, but we just feel left out. Thanks in advance for your consideration of this seemingly small request.

This is my 2nd time. The cashier was not friendly at all. She said no your order was already rung up. Who places an order there? The price we paid for 2 Whoppers and 2 small shakes were way to sign, but we had eat something. We could have bought dinner for that price. To top it off the burgers were not good, they were cold, no taste, we threw them away and left. For the price we paid we should of had hot sandwiches and friendly service.

I have never experienced such polite, courteous and friendly staff in my entire 63 years. From the young gentlemen who took our order, to the other young gentlemen who cleaned up the spill my son made to the sweet girl behind the counter with a real genuine smile, it was like a fresh air breeze in their restaurant. My neice attends college nearby and picked up a job at Burger King so she could survive during the summer. Cheryl did not grant her request and my neice continued to work the evening shift.

Fast forward…as the paramedics and police arrived on the scene to treat my neice for her bumps and bruises, it was then that the supervisor on duty name Alexis told the officers that the girls had come to her and said my neice was being rude and that they were going to jump her when she got off of work. This supervisor did not question my neice about what the girls had reported or even bothered to tell her what there remarks were. Instead she let my neice walk out by herself in the dark, to lock the door behind her and put her in harms way, which she got pretty banged up!!!

Fast Forward, did the GM or supervisor return me or my sister neice mom call when we reached out to see what happened?

Did the GM or supervisor call and check on my neice after the fact? NO…what kind of company is this? I am so disappointed in the follow ups and the lack of showing any concern for my neice and her well being. The upper management should be fired immediately!!! I can go on and on and on, but we will handle this in a different manor and I hope someone from the corporate office reads this and reach out to our family and show some concern. I have gone to burger king on Airline highway in North Baton Rouge three times this week and was unable to order food.

No one came on the drive through speaker so I pulled to the window, after waiting several minutes. There were worker there, they looked at me and kept talking to each other. This morning a stopped in at 6: I will no longer waist my time again anywhere to try to or make a purchase at Burger King. I went for breakfast at this burger king on May 27, While placing my order at the drive thru, the man taking the order was very unprofessional and rude.

I decided that I was not going to spend my money there. I left the restaurant, but I decided to return to tell the manager. When I returned, I waited for 5 minutes before anyone came to assist me. A man who said his name was Wilson, stated that he was the manager. I asked him for the store number and he said they did not have one. The corporate office and the health department should do an investigation of this location.

Please save yourself the aggravation, and possibly botulism by not patronizing this restaurant in Country Side next to the movie theater. I have also read many complaints about this location. The employees should take a field trip to Chic fil a, to see how a fast food restaurant should be operated. Hello this is Susanne. We proceeded to use the drive thru. They made a mistake as we placed our order and then she asked what we ordered again when we got to the drive thru window.

And I asked for the manager and she said I was the manager. I then told her I was looking in the bag and there was two items that were paid for that were not in the bag and she said yes they were. She then told my sister that we did something with them and hung up the phone on her. And we tried calling back and they refused to answer the phone. Burger King can thank the manager for never recieving another cent from ny household.

Cause anyone who has ever went thru a drive thru understands that it is not possible to have made a mistake. I am just writing this so that everyone can hear how my experience went today. Bk is always lacking in customer service training.

I was excited to get my Jr. Whopper I had been craving and in looking at the menu board in the drive thru, I decided to also order a Caramel Frappe.

I also told them they had better check the prices of everything on their board because THAT is what people expect to pay. It amazes me how bk can spend millions of dollars to open stores and not invest In their employees. I was so ashamed to even sit in this resterant with my family it was so dirty.

And the food we ordered was cold and the milk shakes were like water not what I call a milk shake at all. And I took so pictures of just my seating area if you would like to see them. Your Marion rd is beyond disrespectful…I live less than a block away and have been eating there for years and your new manager James is a joke. They screwed up the order and when i brought the recipient in he crumpled it up and threw it in my face. I have had great service over the years when mistakes have been made but this was just atrocious.

I tried to contact corporate to just be hung up on and have been treated horribly. If no reply i will leave a complaint with the BBB. I have never been treated so poorly by a place that should thrive on customer service. I even brought back the incorrect food in hopes that the issue would be corrected. I hope to find a resolution to this joke of service i received from James at the Marion Rd location in Rochester, Mn.

I am a first time online customer who placed an order via hellofood website, currently located here in Dubai, UAE and asked to deliver it to my brother in dammam, KSA. Now it has been 2. The delivery man called the person who will recieve the delivery asking for location but still they didnt deliver it. I kept on calling the restaurant and they are saying different things like the order is still there in the restaurant because no address and after few minutes they are saying that they need more info.

I am so disappointed with your service. It is just a simple order for my brother but it took too much time and effort and inconvenience for us. I spent 60 dirhams just to call the restaurant and still my card has been credited already and the refund will still take business days. Please do something about this.

I am a loyal Burger King customer here in Dubai and even in Philippines so pls dont make me so disappointed just for this thing and discontinue patronizing BK. My order is id n8ga-1c This is perfect example of bk getting into a service they have not perfected. I get the total and head to the window. The woman at the window barely could speak English to the point where it was a pain to even get a simple idea across.

Even with this i get my food and head out to my picnic spot. I get there and as I start to divide the orders out I notice I got 1 triple whopper, a double something with bacon and jalepenos, and a single whopper with mayo. By far the worst BK experience I have had to date. I ordered a 6 Enormous Burrito combo with an additional large hashbrown. The large drink cherry coke was complete soda water — no coke, no cherry, just carbonated soda water.

There was no large hashbrown nor the medium hashbrown that was included with the combo. The burrito and only the burrito was in the bag. Every so often, this restaurant undergoes New Ownership. I paid cash for my order and was shortchanged big time and obtained the worst possible outcome for my order. What does BK plan to do about this situation? The Burger King in culpeper va is sooo nasty and filled with rude people!! I went through the dive through Thursday at I think it is ridiculous how your company have people like this working for you!

And also I ordered an double whopper with cheese and they rang me up for a double whopper and guess what,! They only put one small peace of meat on the big whopper sandwich bun!! The people u have working for this company in culpeper make your company look nasty and trashy as ever!! Never again will I be going back!!! I went through drive through at burger king in Paris Tennessee and I was over charged for two 20 piece nugget meals.

On the sign it said 4. My name is Caprena Ross. I went to store in Columbus, Ohio on Cleveland Avenue at 9: The cashier through the drive through was pleasant and tried his best to ensure my order was correct, however, the Manager by the name of Ashley was rude, and expremely unprofessional, Ms.

Ashley came across condesending in her tone when providing me the wrong order. Is this the type of management we are higher to bring customer service? My suggestion is there should be more extensive training in customer service than just having a strong focus on getting the order right. I ask Management to please speak to Ms. We ask for certain items they told us they were sold out.

The food we got was old and cold. The guy making the food had on gloves, but went to get another squirt bottle of ketchup and rub his hands all down the fixtures and wall as he went to get it. After seeing this I wished I had not even wasted my time there. I went to burger king and got 2 whoopers fries and drinks for me and my daughter in ocean view Norfolk, va.

Today i visited a BK in Chicago, went thru the drive thru went home to eat and share my sprite wit my 2yr old, when i finished eating and drinking my order i usually open my cup to eat the ice and i did i experience the most scariest and most disgusting thing ever, there was a metal piece from the ice scoop or ice container inside my cup, that looked like a closed claw with a white and gooey stuff on it! I went back to the BK spoke to the manager and she said sorry, here is a number where u can call for complaints.

WTH didnt even get my money back for my order or inconvience. I have been coming to BK for many years, from when i was little taken by my parents and now im taking my kids. Had enough of store in Lower Manhattan.

I initially had some issues with service a few months back in which I thought were behind me. The owner had contacted me and encouraged me to continue my patronage at that restaurant.

Fast Forward to today. The store had a problem with the credit card system. I left the store empty handed. This is my last straw with BK. Store will never get another cent from me. My family will never buy BK either. I went thru the drive thru at Burger King on Kietzke Lane in Reno Nevada, when I was handed my drinks the lady dropped them all over my lap and the front seat and floor of my car.

I went inside and she was ignoring that I was even there. They said that there was no manager working and that one would be there in about an hour. We always preferred BK above other Fast food chains. On April 10 around 5. We ask the employee to replace it with something eatable and got told it will be a while because they need to make fresh ones. No price adjustment or refund was initial offered and I had to wait until the store manager finished her personal phone call to address this situation during leaving.

Please understand that we will avoid this location at all cost and feel obligated to share this experience with our friends.. I WAS going to leave a note about the excessive amount of time waiting at the drive through , but I guess that you get enough.

Just send me a Whopper coupon if you have time, in exchange for me taking my time to tell you. There were 5 cars in the lot and one car blocking the drive through. This is not the first time BK has used this method not to have a drive through window open. This BK continues to go down in service. What good does it do to do a remodel of the site and then service the customers by blocking the drive through. So I went to Whataburger — guess what there was a line in the drive through. Of course there was no car blocking the entry either.

I have gone to BK here in Cedar Park for 17 years and watched it slide from a busy site to a grave yard — BK you might want to clean up your act. It is very inconsiderate to awaken half a hotel at this hour with complete law mowing services. Hello I want to Burger King here in Poinciana Florida 3 days ago and I ordered food for me when a couple people in my household come to say they forgot a burger they forgot french fries and of course I received a burger just a bun two buns lettuce mustard cheese and no burger inside of it so one of us went without I do have a photo of the burger so please feel free to contact me.

Instead of an apology for wrongful advertisement, I was laughed at!!! That is not the service I expected, especially from a Manager. What kind of management is that?

I was very disappointed with the service and the way the manager handled the situation. One of the employees kept staring at me without saying a word making me very uncomfortable and the cook just threw my burgers out to be bagged poorly folded. Afterwards, I checked one of my burgers and it had a slimy booger in it! I tried talking with Irene Rimple, the manager there, about it and even sent her a picture but she said I had to bring it in for her to do something about it.

When I tried going, she left the store avoiding me altogether. Why would I want the cook who just put a booger in my burger to make me another?!!! The manager and the employees involved all need to get fired and this place needs to get shut down before they end up damaging the good name and image of Burger King! Recently I bought the jalapeno chicken fries and they looked totally different from the picture on the menu. And they were very dry.

I went to the Burger King in North Versailles. Pa last week on a Wednesday I ordered 2 kids meals a wopper lg fries and 2 fish sandwiches and a lg fries. So I stopped today to get the fish sandwiches and the girl took the order and walked over to the manager and told him about it ok again no problem. Then while the manager was getting my sandwiches the cashiers walks back over to the manager and says something about the sandwiches and I heard him tell her he remembers me calling and he would have to find it in the book.

She made me fell as though I was trying to get something for free. I had paid for those sandwiches. I live in a small town in Florida Perry Fl, The employees always have a smile the inside and the outside of the store is very clean. The food is always hot and fresh. The manager Mrs Terrie takes care of the home town people making sure the store is clean and service is great.

I believe Johnson and Johnson is the person who owns it. Each time I have gone there for lunch the staff there has always screwed up my order in some way. It has been, no napkins or eating utensils given; no salad dressings provided with the salad; or the wrong burger, etc. I have called the manager there more than once to complain, but it seems that nothing gets done to correct this situation.

What is it going to take to get through these employees, to do their jobs right and get the customers orders correct?? This is by far the worst BK restaurant I have ever been to! The employers there are very rude. I was rushed to order my food and the young lady by the name of Bre asked me could she help me find something on the menu and I told her no she can not to hold just a second.

So I asked what was her District Manger name she claim she did not know but her manager was there I told her I did not want to talk to her either. I pulled to the window and got the manager name which is Cilleria. I told her what the drive thru person was very rude and I need a contact number for the district manager of this location. But out of the whole situation the manager never asked me what would I like to order.

I would like to be contacted as quickly as possible about this matter. I asked the window clerk what gives and she told me it all works out,its just the tax and I was prob thinking of the whopper jr meal. I know how to read and I ordered the number 1,whopper small meal. You have the most rudest employees and the dumbest employees I have ever seen.

The restaurants Denver, Colorado. You screwed up my order 3 times, wrong toppings, wrong drink and wanted onion and got fries.

Also, I had a gift card and the machine is not working to take off from your machine. I have written you. Try speaking english and reading your computer screen, slow down and listen to the customers. Another way BK could make a lot of money is home delivery. Their are a lot of home bound people that could use this service. So please consider this it would be appreciated. Since you remodeled the store in Lebanon mo. We are sorry for you. Salds are frozen and the help not wearing gloves ….

I went into a Burger King Yesterday here in Michigan and ordered two of the new chicken sandwiches that are currently being advertised on TV. I ordered them to go. I got home and opened them up. Both of them were over cooked and looked nothing like what I saw on TV. They were much tinier than the bun, yet on TV it is clearly evident that the sandwich is bigger than the bun. When the guy in the commercial waves his left hand with the chicken sandwich in hand, the chicken patty is clearly much larger than the bun.

When are fast food companies going to be held accountable for this!!!!???? You are not alone. Each time I have gone their for lunch, the staff has screwed up my orders in some way.

So sick and tired of this Burger King out here, and their screw ups. The sandwiches are probably edited for tv. Do you like raw frozen chicken? I recently got a double cheeseburger. The same applies to your Bacon Egg and Cheese sandwich. It sends the wrong message to you customers when you do this. Below I have my receipt and picture of my sausage biscut that seems to have a bite mark in it. They moved very slowly and made me wait to get my small order which took almost 10 minutes.

I then get home which is 15 mins away from the Pendleton location to find that the sausage has a piece missing which looks like a bite mark. I hope this issue is resolved. I work for gainesville burgerking than they did not pay me correction of money. I was the first person and the last person to leave; everyone received their order on time but me and the only adult looking person came to my car almost 30 minutes and rudely stated that my order was given to someone else and there was no restitution made for the mistake at all.

I spent sixteen dollars on my food and received it very late… I could not believe the way I was treated. I believe some restitution should be made for the improper handling of this sale. I called your customer service line and the operator hung up on me; then I called the corporate office and no one answered the telephone.

We have the same issue…cannot use paper gift certificates received for christmas. I just got home from BK, opened my new chicken crispy sandwich to find ketchup on my sandwich! Wtf is this crap! I tried calling the store, no answer, I tried calling headquarters and no answer!

One can only assume this location will be closing soon. I have never experienced such childish and rude behavior. The staff reflects the poor leadership.

The manager is not fit to manage anyone, much less a team of teenagers. My family visited after church this past Sunday, around Some of the younger workers in back were so loud and boisterous that we could hear them from where we were sitting near the back of the restaurant. He was treated so rudely that he just asked for his money back. I will not be returning to this store. I enjoy food from BK great taste good pricing: Store , Lewisville , Texas very poor management team store was very poor shape had to contact local Health Department.

Burger King manager Ann is the most disrespectful manager if seen she disrespectful customers and employees I will never go back to the burger King in winter Haven FL ever again. Burger King plain out sucks anymore. First time too tired too say anything after working 3rd shift. Next Saturday they were so awful I could have puked. Called the store and spoke to a mgr and she said she was sorry and I could come back and get another hashbrown at my convenience.

The hashbrowns were like hockey pucks. The breakfast sandwich was cold. Here is the thing Burger King your service sucks and are and will continue to lose business if employees are not trained better. I contact you, to denounce an abusive advertisement in Russia.

Recently, there was an rape affair concerning a minor girl, who had been raped during a teen party. The raper got 8 years, and the rape and physical violence proved by the medical experts.

In Russia, the mentality is very particular, and people think that if you go to a party and drink, you deserve being raped, and there is no problem. Reached home to fine one missing. Called call centre to complain, said will be delivered to your home. Nearly 2 hrs, and nobody came.

No one calls to apologise. Driver called to ask address. When called driver, everytime keeps on saying- will be there in 10 minutes. So at the end of 2 hrs, hungry me- complained to store manager- no great apology.

Cancelled order, want refund. Pathetic service, Horrible customer service. Me an my girlfriebd Received very poor and rude servic at the hutchinson mn location the girl was complaining about trying to close her lobby I felt very rushed our food was poorly made an the fries looked old and were cold we eat here often an never experienced this before we never even received a receipt for the survey or to try in get the name..

Her name was makayla I think.. I will continue to eat her just not when she is working if possible. I could not believe my eyes, the cashier who took my dirty money — went over to the french fries , grabbed the handle of the scoop contamination and scooped the fries into the containers, and grabbed the fry container with her hand and had the thumb in the container touching the fries contamination.

I was so disgusted by that. Some girls had their hair pulled back but it was hanging out of the pony band.

That Burger King should be investigated! I even saw them take food back over the counter contamination. Ordered 2 bacon croissanwiches, got charged for 2 bacon egg and cheese and received 2 sausage croissanwiches. Also ordered 5 pcm French toast Stix but got zesty cheese instead of syrup. Got this order via drive thru and upon discovery of these incorrect items was very upset. The commercial with the two idiots saving 10 dollars… Hello?

Burger King is not only in the south, they have locations all over. Why would you expect their commercials to be region specific? Makes more sense for them to use general language that most of the rest of the country uses. Lol get a grip. Soda is short for soda pop. A soda pop is not soda water. Heidi, Exactly what my wife said. We were both disappointed. Nothing at all like advertisement. Must have used a special camera to deceive the public. I work at a burger king an iam sorry this happened to you.

Kaylan, this tells me the district manager is doing their job. Many of these restaurants need to have a surprise inspection. On Saturday January 28, at On top of this the person on drive thru was completely rude no manners what so ever. She rushed me to place my order, then she was rude at the window.

Honestly this burger king should be shut down. I would like someone with the corporate office to contact me about this matter. Would have love to fill out complaint form, but your website show server error on that page. Went to Burger King here in London, Ohio with my son for breakfast. Ordered a 2 med size and a 5 Large size for my son. I stood in line for 15 minutes waiting on my food. We were the only ones in line. While I was waiting, 3 orders were received in the drive thru and passed out.

The lady up front kept calling back drive thru orders while we waited. She then came back up to the front when someone else came in to order and then called back my order again but place the order behind me in front of the my order.

So I watched the couple who ordered 12 mins after me get their food first. She had to call back my order again before I got it. The hash browns were cold because they were package soon after we ordered. I have had problems with this store in the pass. Figured we would give it another shot. Then there is a problem. How do the saying goes same Ole stuff just a different day. If you want good quality hot and fresh food then please dont go to Burgerking in St Ann Missouri at night… The crew is not friendly at all they play loud violent music use profound language and give out old food my whopper meat was so old it was changing colors my onion rings were soft and my fries were cold my chicken was old and the bun was hard the only thing that was good was my sprite my friends told me not to go at night and now I see why they stop going there I even observed a guy in the kitchen playing with his phone then when an order came up he put his phone In his pocket and proceeded to make my order WITHOUT WASHING HIS HANDS!!

I was told they never wash them from a employee this Burgerking Is the nastiest in Missouri , very poor customer service no smiles no thank you or anything I will be joining my friends and never go here again. I was putting an app in at Burger King, and was approached by a staff and was told that they Burger King would not hire me because they hire who they want.

I finished my app and talked to the manager on the clock Jody Kulp, she had done nothing about the situation. Ottumwa Iowa Burger King. The management that there is in espanola new mexico store number If they can not handle there job as manager then they should not be in that position. I will not trade at Burger King anymore. I went in there between It took a half hour to be served. Also, while I was setting there I let three different groups in because the door was jammed So I thought After I did it a third time the Clerk came over to me and said the door was locked for a reason.

She wanted the people to go through the Drive through. She was angry that I did this. There are a lot of people that do not eat pork, either for religious or health reasons. There should be at least one permanent non pork item on your breakfast menu that is considered a breakfast meal. We want meat in the mornings. If you add a non pork product I believe that in time you will get a lot more revenue, once people learn that you have an option for them.

Ive been having this trouble myself. They deny me my w2 and give me the run around. Ive called headquarters, the franchise home office and went to talk to my manager personally. Finally had to give up on my w2 but I will not give up on the one for Ive contacted a lawyer and am in the process of making sure burger king knows that they cant withhold w2s. The district manager Brenda is the worst. Tell them I need a copy of a W-2 form. They have the original from ur employer. I worked at the Burger King in Harmarville, PA Full-Time for a brief period of time and they have made it increasingly difficult to get my final paycheck.

I just wanted to let someone know that this needs looked into so it does not happen to other employees. I will be contacting the Department of Labor if this does not get sorted out soon. Very disappointed with the management at this particular BK Establishment.

Same here, ive waited well over a month for my final check. Aurelio the GM says its just a waiting game but its not a game its my money im sure if he was in mh situation he would be pissed too!!

The Gluckstadt Madison Mississippi new restaurant has the worst service and employees. Since the day they were open they have not been able to get it together. Always 30 minute drive through wait while employees laugh and play instead of filling customer orders. Today restaurant part was closed but drive through was open, and out of sprite and cokes. The week before out of everything but chicken. When is Burger King going to come in and take charge of this mis managed store and make it something they can be proud of?

There is even a thread on the Gluckstadt,MS Facebook page on how terrible this place has been running since day one… only One month.

I was surprised because they have always done that in the past. I am very unhappy with this and will not be back. My food literally had to be basting in some bacterial filled juices for several hours.

The mayonnaise had turned yellowish with a clear looking silver lining. The chicken had turned from that golden crisp to a beige center working its way outwards. To top it off the my onion rings had a lee press on fingernail or some plastic looking thing that look like finger nail in it.

I actually bit this thing. After the fingernail nearly being ate I dissected this sandwich to look at what I had the luck of buying. The tomatoes was actually peeling off like that plastic ring around bologna, look liked plastic. The lettuce was brown, green and yellow take your pic on how fresh that was. The manager was very nonchalant, barking orders at the employees.

It seems she should focus those orders on food quality and not who should hand out the ketchup. Please convey to you a complaint for ill-treatment and service Ill by Burger King restaurants we have been provided by HUNGER site but receive demand after two hours and minus the number of meals, all cool and then we go back to them and did not find the excellent service and this shows the mismanagement and lack of customer focus, therefore progress you complain and seek compensation for that, but a series Burger King Restaurants Jaidah find reputable service.

So sorry U experiened such poor customer service and poor good quality. Burger King is an American export which spreads their terrible brand to your great Country. For your well-being it is best you boycott BK. I would like for Burger King in Zachary, Louisiana to up date there computers so customer can order there food. We ate at the Denison, Texas Burger King around 1: They were obviously greatly understaffed and struggling with the lunch rush; however, the three ladies working kept their focus and were incredibly gracious and poised.

The manager was apologetic and kept a cool head, leading her people in a way that instilled calm and focus. I think management would have been very proud. Let me start off by saying that I love Burger king! The location it happened at was Jackson ,Tn on Stonebridge.

Given them my information and time I was up there. Hi I went to get breakfast this morning at a location Houston, TX. When I got to work at sat at my desk and took my food out I notcied a thing of keys with a BK white card on the keys. This automatically struck me as a surprise to have these dirty keys on my food for one and the fact that someone was so irresponsible to have got them in my bag. The problem is for one I have been calling them since this morning and got no answer, then when someone did answer all they said was ok bring them please thanks.

It has been a full week. I am so broke and I have a one year old baby to support. This enterprise is a waste of space and time. I am usually a very nice person but when you mess with my livelihood I tend to get very mean. Burger King on Josie Ln. Have someone help you when you post a complaint and please proofread before you post.

Perhaps then people will take you seriously. We have Whopper Wednesdays in London. We have been steady customers at the one in London at Argyle. On the 7th of December, we went as always. They had 3 or 4 people working on getting food to the drive through and 1 person working inside to handle the walk-ins. There are 2 cash registers and when there is a line up of 5 to 10 people, I would think that they should move someone to handle that overload.

The person was taking the order, then going and filling it while everyone else had to wait. I do give her credit for doing the best job she could. She kept on apologizing for the wait. There should have been at least one person to fill the orders while the other person was taking it. This is supposed to be fast food and to wait that long is very bad. We will try again but if this happens again, we might go somewhere else. Hello My name is Jim Bernard and I do tile and grout cleaning in Illinois I was wondering if you might be in need of my services.

Please give me a call if I can be of any service to your corporation. They never give it to the General Manager like they should be doing. I have been told by other employees this and they have contacted the District Manger about it. I will also be going to talk to the General Manager directly this weekend. I have worked at Burger King before and if I had been 18 I would have became a manager. I see no reason for this to be happening.

I absolutely loved working there and I really would like to work there again. This message is to parents with kids that work at Burger King: Over the past few weeks, I have been Christmas shopping in Murfreesboro Tn. I always go in to eat, not the drive thru. In one of the burger Kings, two of the young employees were sitting in front of me talking about the crap they just seen on TV, thing is,,,,,,they believed it.

Please teach your kids that not every thing they hear on TV news is true. Please change to sports channel, these kids are our future. Burger King have some really poor Management running there store. It takes forever to get your dam food and when you get it, its cold.

I ordered a whopper with cheese combo and also got a order of chicken nugget to go. As I left Burger King, I reach into the bag to get some fries and there fires was cold. I then stopped to check my food and the chicken Nugget I paid for was also cold. They refuse to give my money back and refuse to get me fresh fries and chicken nugget.

I set in the drive thru for 40 min last week. I love your burgers but this was ridiculous. I was third car in line with one behind me.

We all backed up and left. The store is in Woodbury New Jersey. This is not the first time. My daughter was in the drive thru lane at Burger King in Kingwood, Texas at 6 pm on Monday, November 29th when she ordered a 13 and a sprite.

When she got to the window the high school student working that night took her credit card and then handed her a sprite and the card. She wanted to know where her 13 was and he told her she never ordered anything but a sprite. She asked if she could get her chicken and fries now and he told her that she would have to go back in the drive thru line again and replace her order.

There were no cars behind her and she was the only one there. He still made her go around. She left and I went down to talk to the manager, a Spanish lady, to explain to her what happened and she could care less. She never once apologized nor told me that was their policy. I told her that I would never be back and she looked at me and wanted to know if I wanted to order something.

I said you must be kidding and she laughed as if nothing happened. If this is the kind of customer service you get at Burger King, believe me, I will never go back, as if you really care!

This is sick, the corporate site has a 2. After taking 2 bites, my whopper was extremely salty to the point I thought I ate a salt cube! My 3rd bite was the same. I threw my Whopper Burger away. Please contact this store with concern of the use of an unexceptionable amount of salt. Burger king 7Av hookers keys bathroom coming in bathroom costomers toiliet propisitioning them sex boyfriend 2 people cameras on bathrooms robbed Wear mask cook hair bun back no jewlery.

According to Jake jacobsen, BKs are next to temples of God…how could even imagine hookers working the BK circuit…hookers are only there to eat. BK has had such a long standing history in the world of fast food but this location here had tarnished your reputation as a company I hope to see this location pick up the pieces unfortunately I will not return to see it only due to the fact it is not kid friendly in my book me and my husband are none smokers and to be subjected to smoke walking into this establishment was just shameful please do better.

I am an employee at BK38 and making a complaint about an employee who disrespect and gets into it with everybody and the store manager keep saving him despite all the problems he cause in the store with everyone. One he came in my space and two he touched me no matter what kind of touch it was he still touched me so pushed him by his head and they overlooked the point he came in my space and touched me and sent me home and had him to stay and he already been written up for this kind of problem before when he got into it with the shift manager multiple times so something needs to be done ASAP!!!!

We could has chosen a variety of other places to eat, but we chose you. No sodas — The soda machine was out and there was no tea. We were still given a cup and charged for a soda. They did allow me to exchange it for water.

Sandwiches were incorrect and remade 3 times — everyone makes mistakes and I got over it, which brings me to my main problem… 3. This is totally unacceptable. I really like Burger King but I was very disappointed tonight.

I am more disappointed that I am on vacation in SC and I am in the hotel writing to you. In all fairness the Manager was very helpful and actually jumped in to make the sandwich herself, which I appreciate, but the remaining employees really need to be retrained. My name is Connie and I live in Brunswick Georgia.. We have two Burger Kings in our area. The one closer to us is off the 1 95 exit on new jesup road.

We are learning to check our bags before we leave the window. Like big dummies we keep going back. So many times we go through and the staff is playing and having one big party. They rarely say ty. We have had to go back for the rest of our food or because its cooked wrong we have lost count. Today we checked our food at the window and to no surprise we did not have it all. They gave us the rest of our food. I took the mrs to the Dixie Rd and Burhamthorpe restaurant on Friday November 18, , and we ordered a whopper combo each one with cheese.

I am asking for a full refund and someone look at the security cameras and see what is disturbing the customers other than us. As the mrs and me went in the car one fellow was spitting paper balls through a straw at our vehicle. Most of the time, there is no stir stick. So a few weeks ago I called the BK manager to complain. NO stir stick for the coffee and no straw for the soda….

Why is it so hard to get what the simple things? Corporate needs to visit this BK location: It has lots of issues. Ketchup empty and disgusting. Even though the service and food was good I would not want to return to this location. I have visited this location many times and things never change! Whoever manages this location really needs to be retrained. I had the same experience yesterday at Faro Airport Portugal, Europe. Absolutely nothing resembling a Burger King Burger. The Burger King Counter and Signage was exactly the same as were the waiters uniforms.

I travel to Portugal often and I will not it use again. On a more serious note: Hopefully somebody at Burger King Corporation reads this kind of comment and can do something about it.

Yesterday evening around pm we went to drive threw burger king in clinton ms. We were told to hold on for about minutes in drive threw then told drive threw was down and we had to come inside. So i pulled around and went inside. I ordered a veggie burger with thousand island they said they was out of thousand island i said ok plain she said oh yeah we are out of veggie burgers i was like fine ill take fries.

Then i ordered a whopper for my husband with mayo lettuce and tomatoes she said oh we are out of mayo too. The whole time i was inside during this i saw them repeadly passing orders threw the drive threw.

I really think they did this cause i was white and it was a all black staff working. I do not believe they where out of everything i ask for considering veggie burgers arent that popular i find it really hard to believe they ran out or they really dont have decent manager that keeps inventory because there was no excuse to run out of mayo all sodas but 2 types and thousand island and ranch.

Corporate needs to get a handle on how there employees work. So i ended up just getting a mellow yellow and the lady said that will be two dollars and some change.. Had i been black im pretty sure the burger king in clinton ms would have had everything i asked for. We went to burger king in Smyrna TN. They just starred at us and walked away. Than came back and walked away. Than muslim with hijab came over and starred at us than walked away. Finally girl saud may i take your order and walked away.

You cant make this shit up. Meanwhile customer is getting mad and they tell her they had to redo her order, i tell my husband we should leave. Finally muslim takes our order and gets it wrong finally fixed we wait 20 mins now husband is so pissed off, while other customer is pissed abd they havevto redo her order again. Im thinking i dont see any fries in the basket.

Sure enough they havent even started my order and when we get it its a whopper jr instead of a whooper. What a bunch of morans. O ya mayo only no ketsup and its even on the order and BOOM there is ketsup.

Never will i ever go there again. Today , November 22nd. After receiving the food we pull forward into a parking space to eat. I literally just made it home sat down at the table ready to eat my breakfast.. So anywho I get alllllllll the way home and my hash brown are under cooked, my French toast are undercooked everything is soggy and cold! Within 5mins of me purchasing it!!

You guys have to do better.. Worst experience, I have ever had. I tried the other sandwich plus the burrito and they also had the same taste. Before from burger king and no taste of chemicals in the egg. She never apologized nothing. I will be letting my family and friends know to spread the word. Not only the food but the time we waited with us being the only customers in lobby was outrageously way too long. I like all their burgers, all the ones I have ever tried were really good.

I must try the other ones. I have high expectations and BK meats them all, even surpasses some of them. And I have very high standards. You should talk to every employee at Burger King Paris Illinois see what they say. After eating half of the sandwich I realized the texture of the meat had changed. Once I spit out what I thought was a piece of fat, I looked at the sandwich and noticed that the chicken was raw. Unfortunately, my young daughter already finished her sandwich before I could inspect it for raw chicken.

I took pictures of the sandwich and returned to the restaurant immediately. The employees were disgusted and very apologetic.

I was given a full refund and offered a replacement meal which I declined. I also called the customer service number on the receipt to file an indecent report, posted the pictures on social media, and filed a complaint with the City of Arlington Food Regulation Department.

I am appalled that there are so many reports of raw chicken being served at Burger King.

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